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Why share bonus treasure investment awardsCrossed the seven threshold of telemedicine in order to bu

Compared with the traditional software sales model,

in which small electricity has become the industry’s first to get B round of financing companies, the cumulative financing of over 450 million yuan. Charging treasure industry to get the largest amount of financing, the fastest company. Tencent, Ali Jing Yuan capital, the Department of public capital, all the major strategic financial fund in small power technology.

yes, shared charging treasure, a small charging treasure, a time without two scenery, gathered all the eyes and pressure, was pushed to the cusp. Extremely good and bad mouthing There are plenty of people who wantonly. Last week, jumei invested Chen Ou electric street, Wang Sicong circle of friends suspected exposure to "eat shit" bet, strongly expressed not good-looking sharing charging treasure.

telemedicine is not just a new type of medical model, but behind it, there is a huge industry chain that connects medical care, medical insurance and medicine. It is, in itself, an extremely important part of the chain. If divided by role, the chain can be simplified as: Medical Insurance – large hospitals – telemedicine – primary medical institutions – pharmacies – pharmaceutical companies. As can be seen, telemedicine can not only connect medical resources to the upper and lower reaches, but also connect pharmacies with medical institutions. But in order to really form this chain, the problems to be solved will be manifold. The following arterial network wechat:vcbeat will give you depth analysis of these difficulties.

, and among the less attractive people, the response to the national husband is the biggest. After jumei announced last week in Shenzhen Street rental companies will charge treasure electricity science and technology limited company to buy 300 million yuan, Wang Sicong circle of friends suspected exposure to eat Xiang as a bet, the expression is not good sharing charging treasure.


today, sharing charging treasure industry once again was given a shot of chicken, and there are three companies announced billion financing: the main desktop scene, small electric technology completed a B round of 350 million yuan financing; charge share enterprise "Hi power" was nearly 100 million yuan A round of financing; the main mode of charging treasure small cabinet timeshare rental platform "very" complete million seed round of financing.

makes the primary medical institutions more involved and more cooperative. But it only proves a feasibility. If we want to form the chain of grading diagnosis and treatment, we must establish large-scale medical alliance between the big hospital and primary medical care, which is similar to the organization of medical association.

did it as a good thing, did the public agree?

three companies get hundreds of millions of yuan financing

as the public, this sentence is so familiar. The caller Yuan Bingsong said the same thing. Mobell CEO Hu Weiwei also said. In the face of such statements, you can be interpreted as "determination, yes"

telemedicine is to grade clinics, that is, to reduce the quality of medical resources to the grassroots level. The government promotes grading treatment and expects the visiting population to come back to the grass roots. However, the key to improving the service ability of primary medical institutions is to train qualified personnel. Telemedicine is a decentralized model, which is a combination of resources released by patients at the top three hospitals after grading treatment.

this, Chen Europe in its response to micro-blog: Thank you baby supervision, not every project can be made, originally entrepreneurial success is a small probability event, the electric street do not do charity, but I hope not because you don’t have the project settled wanda.


The purpose of

despite all sorts of not optimistic about, share the charge treasure is still like trained golden suction, especially get the capital market favor.

, especially Tencent investment eye-catching, because last month, Tencent’s head of Ma Huateng in a conference also bluntly: "share the treasure in the end is not reliable fly, many people are not sure."."

difficult one: primary care and medical conjoined

if you ask what the industry is the most fire, there will be many people answer you: share rechargeable treasure.

this situation is not without solution, and the result depends on the way enterprises cooperate with the primary medical institutions. A business model is worth learning: first, fundus camera and other inspection equipment for their lack of facilities to provide free; secondly, to provide free software and hardware system of remote service; joint experts finally provide guidance to assist the hospital, improve the level of medical treatment in medical institutions. During the period, expenses such as inspection, remote service and operation will be divided in proportion with the primary hospital.

The failure of

is really hard to do. Primary care institutions often have only policy tasks for telemedicine, and in most cases they sell pure products to hospitals. After the hospital to get the product, the task is basically completed, after acceptance, it is difficult to continue to use, and over time will be useless.


is not clear, he has made a move. It looks like the rhythm of "better kill one thousand than lose one". This makes people sigh, this is madness.

in addition, along with our country to increase spending on health care, the implementation of new agricultural policy and other favorable policies, grassroots medical institutions profitability improved. In the past year, only 10 million to 20 million of the county level hospitals, now the income of young people has been over 100 million, the strength to purchase more medical equipment. In addition, the purchasing costs of medical equipment are decreasing year by year, and the penetration of medical equipment in the primary medical institutions has steadily improved. Therefore, the foundation of telemedicine in primary medical institutions has been mature.

in fact, from the day of the emergence of the share of rechargeable treasure on the controversy, not optimistic that the sharing of charging treasure is a pseudo demand, the lack of high frequency use of the scene, and the reuse rate is low, and so on.

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