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The new policy of promoting big price increases has been confirmed by shlf13145 necessary conditions

many friends have been in the business for a long time, but they can’t make any money anyway. Why is that? Because he doesn’t know how to analyze problems. For example, many people do coding tasks, may code to the end, he is only their own money, and never have analyzed, why people are willing to spend money for you to play? If he didn’t earn more than you, he can release this of course this thing for you? Just one example, maybe some people see this article, immediately to search why people are willing to spend money to make your code, then unfortunately, you still do not know how to analyze and understand the problem.

three: do Wangzhuan specific, not a short duration of time

two: do Wangzhuan must have a stable state of mind, don’t expect to immediately make money

how can the new policy be best? It is estimated that a group of experts have profited from it.
rapid application

some of my friends, in addition to doing 58 ad task network, this relatively good project, but also operates dozens of other or more projects. How many experts operate a project a day, but only earn 100 yuan per day. You operate dozens of projects, with a quantity, quality assurance? Obviously, is not guaranteed. Therefore, to understand the reliability of the project, insist on doing a project, until after giving up, then choose other projects. Remember, don’t waste your time doing several projects together. If you have extra time, you can study the effect of this project better.

four: don’t waste the time of two minds do Wangzhuan,

more and more newcomers join the network to make money, but unfortunately, the majority of the people who can’t earn money still make the most money. There are many reasons, but one thing is for sure. They don’t know the way.

: do Wangzhuan to analysis for understanding the problem of


some of my members chose to leave on the first day of operation without turning to the money. In fact, if you tell a joke, a person on the first day of farming found no germination, it is considered a seed problem, and then change to another species. You may laugh, but you thought of it? In fact Wangzhuan is like this, every project is to seed, and the seed germination of the mature, is a process of. Especially in the moment of germination, no one knows the seeds under the ground, and the seeds that are not planted. If the seeds are not sprouting, it is a pity that they are stones.


      rumours that shlf1314 had introduced a substantial increase in revenue had been confirmed for a while; all speculation had vanished. It seems that these rumors are not fabricated. Last night, landing shlf1314 Adsense account, found this new notice, in the group sent a message, many friends do not believe. Because these notifications are alternate realities, you can see them as soon as you land them. If you can’t see them, please refresh them. Here is a screenshot.

some people join Wangzhuan, urgent mentality. A few days ago met a member, made 2 hours later, made 2 thousand gold coins, apply for cash, and the results did not carefully look at the instructions, resulting in withdrawals failed. Immediately add a group in the group that we are liars, and then began to post the Internet, exaggerated abuse. In fact, most of the time, it’s not the mistake of the project, but you don’t have the patience to understand, and you don’t spend enough energy consulting the customer service.

five: distinguish the pros and cons of the project

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