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NetEase Ding Lei accepted Nanfang Daily interview do not put desire as the idealMethodology the five

but fortunately, my middle school values the students’ interests and hobbies very much. When I was in junior high school, I joined the radio hobby extracurricular group and the chemistry extracurricular interest group. When I was in high school, I joined the computer hobby group, raising my understanding that computers could improve our productivity and change our work from complexity to simplicity. My university was the first credit based university, which allowed me to choose a wider range of interests. This experience of interest group has a great influence on my middle school and even my whole life.

struggle is always the theme of the younger generation. Faced with this word, today’s "80" and "90" have more contradictions: the ideal and the reality of choice, opportunities and traps wandering between…… What road of struggle should today’s youth choose?

Nanfang Daily reporter thunderstorm

have the overall thinking? Starting from childhood.

Ding Lei communicates with college representatives and workers representatives through video.

and I have a product manager, he asked me a very important question: how can I be sure that you’re thinking about? Because I feel all the time in dealing with many trifles not worth mentioning.

guest: NetEase founder and CEO Ding Lei

Ding Lei: my initial idea was simple, to do what I love and to serve consumers. Graduation second years, I came to work in Guangzhou Sybase company, a monthly salary of more than 4000 yuan, I think this is my strength. My strength is how to come? I rely on the past two years to continue learning. At Sybase>

here, the author is willing to provide five strategies, should be helpful to you.


Guangdong University Media Alliance member unit reporter Zhou Shiling, Shen Jielin,

Ding Lei: I was in middle school from 1983 to 1989. During this period, I was under a lot of pressure. Because it’s only a test that decides our fate. High school classroom learning does not give me a lot of happiness, but rather a lot of anxiety. As society is in the early stages of reform, young people do not have much career direction. Once they fail to go to college, they can only go to agriculture or replace their parents.

from advertising ?

doesn’t understand the jade platform, but he learned creative

once you’ve given yourself time to think about the big picture, you may have some trouble because you can’t sit down and say to yourself, "well, start thinking."". In fact, many good ideas come into being in communication, so you can find someone else to think with you.

of course, you can either edit a document yourself or ask yourself some macro questions in the form of a diary and write down the answers.

indeed, you can easily lose yourself in trivial tasks. But when you work hard, sometimes need to head up, look around the situation, thinking of other strategies, or ask yourself some high-level questions.

you have to make some time out of your schedule, and it’s best to be your creative time morning, noon, evening. Take the author for myself. I think I have the most clear thinking within a few hours of waking up every day, so I put the time for thinking about the whole thing between 10 a.m. and 12:30 noon.

Nanfang Daily: when I first graduated from Guangzhou, what did that time mean to you? What was your goal at the beginning of your career?

2, find a partner,

Nanfang Daily: can you tell me about your teenage years, and what impact did that experience have on your career and your choice?

3, select a clear target

but if you want to lead the team to work more effectively, how do you stop and look at the situation for a while,

1, give yourself some time to think about

you can split up your overall thinking, and then break down a number of clear goals that make it easier to execute. If you want to redesign your product, you can split up some specific actions and set a time for each action. For example, if I want to write a product development plan for the next two years, I can split it at different levels of topic. >

if you are management, you can find some people who report to you, those team members who don’t often have the chance to develop the strategy, if you have the opportunity to communicate with you, in fact, can give you a lot of help. In this way, your team members will have a sense of ownership and experience with you.

first came to Guangzhou with over

this may sound obvious, but few people can actually do it. If you follow your to-do list and work step-by-step, then you won’t have time to think about the big picture, because there will always be some work that you think will have to be expedited.

How can

Ding Lei, NetEase founder and CEO. As a young idol, Ding Lei’s entrepreneurial story inspires a generation of young people. What caused him to choose the road of entrepreneurship, he encouraged young entrepreneurs? Him in the eyes of the youth should have what qualities? "My youth and my regiment" series for the third phase, we through the network online dialogue Ding Lei. He used his struggle and the youth’s message, the interpretation of him in the eyes of the struggle.

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