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Tiger bashing sports board on advertising to support half of the skyThe shlf1314 site alliance is no

is the second largest shareholder of

besides the advertising business, event marketing and value-added services are also the main source of income for tiger sports.

-2015 according to its 2013 annual financial statements for the year, ESPN major business segments including advertising, event marketing and value-added services, which in 2015, ESPN’s advertising revenue was 121 million yuan, accounting for 60.78% of the total revenue. In 2013 and 2015, tiger sports accounted for more than 50% of the advertising revenue, the proportion was 55.64%, 55.55%

is one of the sports vertical sites, sports related content and service network ESPN and ESPN mobile clients mainly provide coverage online for users, including event information, community interaction, online value-added, event operations, sports services, goods and services guide etc..

according to the data released during the reporting period the customer’s industry type gradually diversified, covering a wide range of sports shoes and clothing, food and beverage, automotive, IT digital etc.. Among them, the main customers in addition to Nike, Adidas, XTEP and 361 degrees sports shoes brand enterprises, and Red Bull, Head and Shoulders and other FMCG clients; Mercedes Benz, BMW, dodge car brand customers; and Ping An insurance, suning and other types of customers.


, however, shlf1314’s competitor, sh419, has also taken this model of online advertising. Wang Ying emphasizes, shlf1314 AdSense is not exclusive, partner site can choose other online advertising alliance, "here, we don’t want a paper agreement has become the shackles of both sides."."

in terms of government subsidies, 2013 year, 2014 year and 2015 year, the amount of government subsidies, included in the current profits and losses were 2 million 546 thousand and 500 yuan, 3 million 639 thousand and 800 yuan and 6 million 801 thousand and 200 yuan, accounted for 14.57%, 44.02% and 19.76% over the same period of pre tax profits. If the relevant government subsidy policy changes in the future, the tiger will have some impact on sports management performance.

"for partner sites, shlf1314 AdSense isn’t exclusive."." Recently, in shlf1314’s "speed up trend, wisdom to win the future – 2009shlf1314AdSense partners day" media communication meeting, shlf1314 Greater China advertising League Manager Wang Ying told reporters. She said that the current shlf1314 China partners site revenue has become one of shlf1314’s fastest growing regions in the world.


recently, tiger sports submitted to the China Securities Regulatory Commission listing application of the gem, which means the establishment of tiger bashing sports in 2007, will soon be listed on the A-share market A. According to the prospectus, tiger bashing sports intends to public offering of not more than 33 million 334 thousand shares, raising funds 420 million yuan, of which 320 million yuan for the Internet technology platform upgrade, 100 million yuan to supplement liquidity.

advertising revenue accounted for 60%,

tiger sports on the gem by advertising up half of the sky,

as an innovative means of network marketing, shlf1314 partner site as long as by showing shlf1314 ads and website content in the Union website, you can click on ads from visitors or browse gain, let site traffic into revenue. In 2008 alone, shlf1314 had $5 billion to share with its global partner sites." Wang Ying told reporters that the current shlf1314 partners in the world has more than 1 million sites, and Chinese area partner site has more than 100 thousand, "it can be said that the Chinese district is one of the highlights of shlf1314 global growth."

according to the prospectus, ESPN’s controlling shareholder and the actual control process of Hangzhou, is also chairman of the board and general manager, directly held 29.56%, by Shanghai bright tiger and the tiger of Shanghai 2.09% held by the issuer of the indirect equity, total 31.65% held by the issuer of the equity shares. Among the top ten shareholders, Quanzhou Quan Sheng is the second largest shareholder. After the issue is completed, the proportion of shareholding will be >

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