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Where are we going the development and breakthrough of personal websiteAmoy brand difficult out of

later dropped the wheat bags, Royal mud square, South Korea, Liebo and AFU are the same group of growth of the Amoy brand. At this point, the green box won two rounds of financing, a sum was born in September 2010, from the letter of credit capital 20 million venture capital of the first round of financing. In December of that year, the green box received the second round from DCM’s 120 million yuan financing. After getting the financing, the green box began to do its own B2C official website, but did not succeed, resulting in what Wu Fangfang called ">."

relies on Taobao’s powerful dividend flow quickly became famous children’s clothing brand "green box" now retired, the green box has disappeared in Tmall’s official flagship store page, the CEO Wu Fangfang is involved in a "run away" storm.

: where are we going, the development and breakthrough of the personal website, the panorama of the scene. Luo Lei / photo

we do the webmaster can interest to start to make money can start making money, as the other, guests think, to achieve a certain scale, when the introduction of capital, this time is also the introduction of capital or the introduction of capital?

although it is often said Great trees are good for shade., but the tree grass is hard facts. A group of clothing brands growing up on Taobao mall, which was renamed Tmall in 2012, has been fleeing the tree in recent years. But out of the road is not flat, once the first "network brand children’s wear green box" on the verge of bankruptcy; wheat bags, grass set no glory; it is a Jingdong to Greenheart digital mall, only the starry time more than a year, many Amoy brand eventually became the first company listed on the new board in three enterprises.

traces back to the history of the green box, and it is not quite the same as the original Amoy brand, which was born in Taobao and longer than Taobao. In 2002, the green box online eBay became the first category of eBay children’s clothing category. In 2006, the green box chose to leave eBay and enter the offline market to look for opportunities. However, affected by the financial crisis, the green box under the line of the road development is not smooth, 2008 green box into the line, and Taobao alliance. That time, Taobao mall is not popular with traditional brands, Taobao mall urgent need to develop and cultivate a number of brand manufacturers, the so-called Amoy brand came into being. Step on the green box of this opportunity for development, because of its high degree of cooperation, profits are impressive. Beginning in 2010, the green box began to enter the development of the fast lane.

fine Ke Xing: we for Adsense service, I think the market also in the air we have to get the financing, is also in progress, in the near future will be to announce that I think the money to do not care, I think I do this Yiqifa company also is an alliance, I that is the concept of alliance of industry some of our team 5 uneven in quality, graduate students in serious to do this business, so we pay attention to our brand abnormal, abnormal attention to our integrity, regardless of whether we are financing is not financing, I think our dream will not change, will always give you you do a valuable service company.

tries to layout the offline store

flow bonus disappeared, how to find new growth point of corporate profits, the pioneer carried out a variety of exploration.

The following is the full text:

Amoy brand difficult out of Amoy: listing or layout of physical stores are not easy,


Wang Yi: everyone who want money, but there is a personal webmaster circle, a very important point, I know you are in want of money, this time to at least 7, 8 old friends, VC asked me to pick what, but it is such a feeling and if you want to get money to this problem, I think you can’t, because if it is the next step to doing at this time, found the money really is not enough, want to know what are you doing when there are always people who agree with you, there is always someone with money, money is not really missing. VC inside this circle I do see the financing behavior surprised me, recently I have not thought of how to do this site so much money, 2 years ago, I think I dreamed of so much money, this round of financing is not irrational, there are 2, 30 copies of commercial the plan, which is really well written, if not what things I have and they want to join the staff.

anchor: now is Xiongyongpingpai funds into the webmaster of the door, see how this money?

is also Taobao, Taobao.

and this storm fuse due to a supplier of micro-blog broke, in December 28, 2016 a man named Bellisa-ye micro-blog claims to be the green box suppliers, publicly questioned CEO Wu Fangfang green box "malicious fraud" supplier, payment of arrears. Then Wu Fangfang in the WorldPay micro-blog public response, the company did encounter a major crisis, and she has come up with a personal savings subsidy for the company, broke the news said that she was a clear denial of the transfer of property.

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