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Talk about how personal websites earn 10 thousand per monthPhoto site Getty mages entrepreneurial m

his profit method is: website content commodity. Because he is a game site, the traffic is mostly gamers. Of course, they include single player and online gamer. Most of the online game players have the purchase card demand, can be converted to most of his customers. At least 100 per day, ten thousand IP per day I guess. I was very optimistic about the method, so I followed it.

is the man who I will not say, he is doing the game site, his website one day IP is more than 10 thousand. It’s pretty bull, too. The profit spot on his website was just selling ads, doing League moms, GG, and the like. He told me he used to earn only more than 80 dollars a day. Later, he represented a card site card, a day to earn more than 1000.

Getty Images was founded in 1995, although not Twitter and Facebook such revolutionary creativity, but it can be called pictures of shlf1314, the two market valuation of up to $3 billion 300 million. Its model is simple: collect digital photos taken by professionals and non professionals and sell them to others.

I’ll show you how to act as an online agent. The process is this: find a supplier that you want to represent there are many agents on the Internet and find it very convenient, and then you download an online system to make a channel on the website. Then enter the goods this price is the seller, the supplier will give you a proxy price, very low, you earn this is the middle of the difference, and then wait for your customers to patronize. After your customer has paid for the purchase in your online shop, then you can go to your vendor’s store for generations



Getty Images revenue of nearly 1 billion U.S. dollars, becoming a media force can not be ignored. Carlyle Group apparently noticed this, the Private Equity Investment Firm in August 15th to $3 billion 300 million valuation, from another Private Equity Investment Firm Hellman & Friedman bought a majority stake in Getty Image. The remaining equity held by co-founder Getty Images, they are the oil tycoon Paul Gadi J. Paul Getty grandson of Mark Gadi Mark Getty and former investment banker Jonathan Klein Jonathan Klein. However, their two identity has long since become the chairman and CEO of Getty Images.

and Klein Getty in London Hambros Bank Hambros bank work co founded the enterprise. "It’s a manual business, without any business rules, entirely run by photographers." Klein says.

Getty Images has long been aware of the digital revolution on photography

Getty Images’s picture of a terrorist attack of 911. The site collects a number of photos and authorizes others to use

through a number of acquisitions, Getty Images has now become the pictures and videos of the world’s largest agency, the database has 80 million pictures, many network slides and picture library materials are derived from this. For example, in search of "happy people" in the gallery, you can return 626319 results. It is because of such a huge amount of resources that Getty Image is spread across blogs, websites, businesses, advertisers and magazines.

the last one or two years, SP can not, and the League also serious amount of deduction, GG click lower prices. Although said a mother Ali, but mother is not vegetarian. And mother is also very YD, say what keep personal adsense. I did two websites, although also did Ali mother advertisement, but plus GG, earn a day is not too much.

they initially bought Tony Stone Images, a British picture company, for $30 million. Since then, Getty Images has bought more than 100 Picture Companies in all. They went public in 1996 and moved their headquarters to Seattle 3 years later in order to be closer to technology companies and customers. Like WAL-MART, Getty Images’s frenzied expansion has made small picture agents lose room to live.

one of them is a hermaphrodite station. I thought I could sell adult supplies, right?. Another is the non mainstream station, which can sell non mainstream clothes, hats, hand ornaments and so on. So I went online to find online agent. Period also encountered swindlers, but I have been aware of one wearing. I did an online shopping channel at both the male and the non mainstream stations, specializing in selling these things. Every day a lot of people come into my shop and ask me about these things. Now I can make more than 200 dollars a day. Why only 200 bucks?. I analyze the non mainstream station most visitors are 90 kids, most do not have the ability to buy it. Most of the sexes are buying condoms, and the profits aren’t too high. But it’s good to make more than 200 a day. I’m not counting mom and GG for this more than 200. Plus, the total income of the day is about 300.

my two stations, one is the hermaphroditic station, the Japanese IP3000 is more than one, and the other is the non mainstream station, and the day IP is more than 7000. It’s Ali, mom and GG, plus some monthly advertising. Earn fifty or sixty a day. I think is very much, but I heard a man pointing, feel the most important commercial website,

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