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360 search traffic have increased due to the late can maintain is the key

In addition to the 360

360 search on-line and set the default search engine for 360 search hao360 navigation, this is all done overnight, many hao360 users have not realised, more is the customary input to search information in the hao360 search bar, which leads to a 360 search traffic flood "I believe that over time, so the user has a certain inertia buffer, realize that a change in the search results, if the 360 can not meet the needs of users, so that users will return to the embrace of the 360 love Shanghai, the search is likely to be buried in a mediocre search engine.

They all know that

1, love Shanghai auction, 360 search engines have not yet implanted advertising.

360 search always has not yet reached can pose a threat to the Shanghai love point, can not explain the recent traffic problems, I come from the following several aspects analysis.

1, high-quality entrance

August 16, 2012 360 began to get involved in the search engine, a time attracted countless webmaster attention, have said that the website from 360 search traffic increases, suddenly become one of the main traffic sources, the author of the 360 search sites as well, all of a sudden become love Shanghai statistics background external links first! According to statistics, 360 search traffic and Google has been basically flat, and more success than Sogou search, and other search engines, just on the line less than five days, so "victories" let me be surprised, in surprise us to discuss why the 360 search on the line a few days can get so much progress

2, 360 Google search and the strategy "

as everyone knows, 360 security guards, and a commendable is that 360 security browser, 360 safe browser users reached 200 million, accounting for 50% of the total number of Internet users, it is no exaggeration to say that in China, every two users have a 360 browser. The 200 million and most users use the browser’s default homepage hao360 navigation, 360 search immediately become the default search engine for hao360 navigation in push out, the entrance has inherent advantages, so just on the line will be not at all surprising flow.

did love Shanghai auction on the natural search engine has much influence flow. The same keywords, there is no bidding and bidding flow are quite different, the recent 360 search to the webmaster to high flow is an important reason for the 360 auction site, all the traffic to the natural ranking website, along with the development of the 360 search, take bidding or other forms of advertising is an inevitable trend, and for advertising away part of the flow, the 360 time to the grassroots webmaster bring traffic is not so obvious.

2, users of INS


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