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From the Shanghai dragon correlation analysis is the Google effect of Twitter or vice versa

one thing is Shanghai dragon practitioners have to follow, wedge, research, and want to know the lost Shanghai dragon on Twitter trend has what effect? Is negative or positive marketing marketing, Google Twitter or Twitter influence Google? It reminds me of the chicken and egg idea.

, PaulMcCartney Twitter has become a hot topic in the Google search, under the guidance of his name and the other.

is another popular star case, his name became Google has been relatively stable and high longitudinal view history of the search term, in June 4, 2012, he in front of Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee held a concert, said that he is a great historical event is not like that he is a low-cost marketing the word, it is PaulMcCartney (Paul · Mccartney), in his occupation career has a large number of reputation, occupy a hitherto unknown flow in Google search.

back in June 26, 2011, a movie called "Transformers: dark of the moon" is ready to be released, a lot of attention may have been heard of it. In June 26 this day, Google trend display, Google in the search term "Sia · LaBeouf" occupy the home page search. Look back at the Twitter trend, a major trend is the ShiaLabeouf# (Sia · Labov), and other labels are concentrated in this release of the new movie actor and release signal.

, I get the report is Google for the term "Sia · LaBeouf" chart:

from the chart above, you can see the contents of the peak in the middle of the 2011 occurs, he on the Twitter trend has been rising sharply, almost the existing search number is the highest value of his entire occupation career, you can imagine at the time he was a popular topic on Twitter. When the second "Transformers" in the movie released in June 2009, Google search his name may have no direct effect so obvious, so that the correlation between the ultimate impact of the popular Twitter Google search.

and Web interactive Internet communication era, it is important to know the benefits of social networking sites, such as Twitter, Twitter, Google +, which has the effect of LinkedIn or Pinterest in your specific keywords ranking and the number of search results? In this article we mainly focus on the Twitter in order to change the trend of association a number of search behavior and search terms on Twitter.

When the concert is #


As shown in figure

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