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56 yuan fried domain name earn back 32 thousand

Investment domain name can be hundreds of times the return. Chang Shenggang taken this edition by Liu Yan in the


a few ordinary letters can be combined to sell a high price of 10000 yuan, which is the investment charm of the network domain name. The domain name registration and online auction, had been netizens as a way of entertainment, but now it has become some people’s occupation, and they have from here Amoy first pot of gold.

        the progress of science and technology, the emergence of new things, will always bring new business opportunities, who can capture these opportunities, who may become tomorrow’s richest man.


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cybersquatting sold price


Marley is 25 years old this year, graduated from the Sichuan University, although young, but he is the master network Denver, had a record of a domain name to sell 32 thousand yuan. Computer name into domain name

        in recent years, Marley has been on the Internet domain name transfer transaction, but the volume is not large, the price is not too high. But as a professional Internet users, Marley are always looking for opportunities on the network.

        one day, Marley saw a news that the Lenovo Inc is about to launch L enovo3000 computer, then an idea flashed in Marley’s mind immediately. Now, Marley immediately to register the www.leno vo3000.com domain name. Auction earned 32 thousand yuan

        the domain name registered Marley have been recognized by many people, then there are a number of computer agents and contact him, want to buy this domain name, but Marley think the time is not mature enough, it did not sell. Soon after, Marley learned cybersquatting "a netizen from Shanghai round" domain to domain name auction, also think of the hands of the domain name auction, and made contact with a auction companies in Chengdu, and signed a contract. Marley took out a total of 9 domain names for auction. Previously, the Chinese auction industry has never been the Internet domain name auction.

        on April 20th, the day of the auction, the bid price 10 thousand yuan is very fierce, domain name eventually sold for 32 thousand yuan. Marley registered the domain name only spent 56 yuan. The uniqueness of the domain name worth


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