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How do B2C website optimization

found that many sites do not too good, so we should strengthen the construction of the chain. Mainly in: product description for other products when connecting to the product page related products recommended, recommended hot products etc..

in general, mall site need to sell products with elegant and attractive pictures to attract and hold customer. We often find that many do B2C website a lot of pictures, this has brought some difficulties for the website optimization.

4, the chain construction

with the change of seasons, B2C sites with different time and different goods shelves, so the site is also the home page change often.

web page to open more slowly due to the unreasonable design of the website and web page pictures more.

5, the content of the construction of

why should emphasize target keywords? Many of my friends say what we are selling mall, website title can all these product categories plus. But this is wrong, so when we do the B2C electronic commerce website to choose the best is a market segment, this would not seem very competitive. At the same time and we optimize the core keywords is very helpful.

mall site? 2,

mall update speed

with the development of electronic commerce, more and more B2C type site, under normal circumstances, the B2C electronic commerce website has the following obvious characteristics.

According to the

According to the

By viewing the lot of the construction of e-commerce website internal links within the chain

home page 3, slower loading rate

may be a lot of friends think what China needs a B2C website? Light not release actually this is wrong?. Because you can not guarantee that all can add new products to keep the site in the new state of every day. Search engines love you every day.

1, product pictures more

B2C website a lot of pictures of this characteristic, the need for the picture with alt attribute, on the one hand can improve the relevance of the website, on the other hand if the picture is love Shanghai included, then the optimization effect will be better, bring more traffic.

web page open speed, we need to re design, the home is mainly include: the use of div+css mode, JS file and CSS file external call etc.. A website architecture depends on our website optimization can go far, so it is necessary to optimize the structure of the web site. At the same time pay attention to home as small as possible.

1, choose the target keywords

3, strengthen the picture alt attribute

so in these different classes of information website and how to optimize the

2, improve the site structure of

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