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How competitive the key talent shows itself in the optimization

Association of the content and the contents of From the

content refers to the optimization of the range as far as possible not too wide, such as our soft paper core, as far as possible around the keywords to make soft site title, site columns and the content of the website, this correlation is very high, and that both Shanghai Longfeng diagnosed with Internet. In addition there may be some topics like, this classification is too too wide, it is difficult to let people know what is your key to this website, where the advantage, and this site involves a lot of content, is relatively difficult to maintain.

station layout has a great impact on the overall site optimization, especially flat column layout, keyword formulation, website, this is the most common optimization, but also make a lot of people headaches, such as we do in the soft core of the blog, in the column setting, you should as the key soft, such as the Shanghai dragon soft, soft writing skills, marketing and so on, this classification at a glance, which is convenient and easy to update themselves, optimization, and classification of some blog Shanghai Longfeng is very unreasonable, such as the navigation column classification: Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, Internet Xiamen, Shanghai dragon, website optimization and promotion, this column classification is very unreasonable, know soon is a key to optimize Word set column.


keyword ranking, the general weight high website occupy certain advantages in the rankings, but there are some sites seems not how, but the ranking is very strong, roughly observed ranking has many accidental, but careful analysis found that a good website ranking is for a reason, a lot of what does eye identification, such as a website page why can make a competitive keywords at the home? It may be related with the site overall weight, and may be associated with page quality and high quality of the chain relationship and so on, these are the main factors influencing the keywords ranking.

Association of high

two, the content of theThe relationship between

, a station layout reasonable

of high quality is not contradictory. The former refers to the quality of content, the latter refers to the scope of the industry. A website is the most difficult to solve the problem, how to make the article by the user’s favor, let their own articles to help users solve problems, these are:

have high quality content

as a big competitive keywords, we also have the opportunity to do? It is estimated that many webmaster have considered the problem of general station is very difficult to go beyond the others, such as Tieguanyin, Shanghai dragon of such words, almost not much hope, suppose we have reasonable method. Coupled with the team, it is possible to do. Here’s what the competitive keywords to fierce competition in the talent shows itself again:

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