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Gradually improve the site credibility verification will bring what kind of impact the personal webm


we all know, the current domestic project with a background in the official website alliance in the operation of a trusted site credibility verification, the specific implementation by the net bear. According to the latest published data show that as of the end of November 2012, the trusted website alliance has accumulated identify and deal with phishing sites 100402. Now including soso, Sogou search engine, Taobao, Sogou, IE9 (net customized version) QQ, 114, and Kingsoft browser and other security software have been achieved fusion of the network trusted sites test, to help users in the search results, the browser address bar to establish convenient verification of the true identity of the site entrance, avoid go fishing website. It can be predicted that the future will have more browsers, search engines, security software into the site credibility authentication function, after all, this is conducive to the healthy development of the Internet industry, but also to a certain extent avoided because users access with poison or phishing sites and produce unnecessary losses.

search engine as a huge traffic entrance, almost every website is not willing to give up the position, all want to use to guide the search for more traffic, it also spawned the development of Shanghai dragon industry. We slowly discover however, search engines now in addition to provide us with the search results, will provide more information to help us choose – such as the safety and reliability of the website. This is very beneficial for ordinary users, but for the individual owners, the website credible verification mechanism, and will bring them to the fate of

to verify the network conditions of site credibility as an example, now only for the enterprise open website credible verification, at a cost of 1500 yuan / year. Only this one, will be excluded from all personal webmaster. Just imagine, is being paid more and more attention in the future to provide web credibility, trust information personal site will be how to place? Even by Shanghai dragon website optimization, and achieved very good rankings, but lost the trust and support, ranking can bring much less traffic to a person without clicking on the station? Ranking, and where will keep? Of course, many people may say, I can call a business record, apply for a credible verification. Yes, personal webmaster can be anchored to a business record, but the application is to verify the credibility of the cost, as I stand this year’s total investment is not 1500 yuan, how many individual owners are willing to spend 1500 yuan or more to do a website for their own.


Internet security is an eternal topic, every day there are hundreds of millions of users on the Internet to retrieve the information they need, every day people go to visit their own had never visited the site, strange – security risks that visit these sites from access to the website of the majority may be difficult to know this website you will visit is not safe, they will not be landing to go fishing".


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