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Easy to create a regular station occupied Shanghai ranked love again

new opportunities to act quickly, to occupy the market

these days to find the sun Kotaku blog, update the love Shanghai algorithm, produced a lot of big market vacancy. Originally a lot of row on the first page of the website are gone, leaving only a pile of large majority of pages within the website or some of the more formal site in the front row. Looks like there are still some but has little effect on a fish escaped through the Seine, the most important is that most of the shuffle. If we take the perspective of a search engine, the probability of those station "K" is also great, from the day they disappear should also not far away. Now Binghuangmaluan, improve your psychological quality, have rallied in the many competitors may not have any action before, with the fastest speed to do a regular station to love Shanghai snatch keywords, get high flow.

I prefer not to update the site, is not willing to add content, collecting more needless to say.

love Shanghai station "K" event, if you still feel depressed? The sun Kotaku blog once again reminded, in fact this is a very rare opportunity finally. If you do not have a common heart, feel very impetuous, not knowing what to do, you are out. Is the so-called chaotic hero, this sentence is very right, right in this a "moment", carefully thinking and analysis. Please continue to play the master spirit, come from the new, but in the form of soil volume had normal station. You may be confused, no team, no money, how to build a normal station? Oh, in fact, the Internet is the most fair, as long as you dare, than is the mind and attitude, money is the same as the site to play, only so that you will be able to do a rich face webmaster.

According to

two, the content of the website: quality priority

you now have the opportunity to completely beyond even a long history of the station, to create a leading website. Earlier the rankings are based on the chain or some other cheating factors row up, so as to make new, if you want to go beyond the others, but also not other people’s weight is high, so many were forced to give up. Love Shanghai now pay more attention to the "user experience" to determine the ranking, means the monopoly the user’s heart is half success. If you have your own industry, just concentrate on doing their own field. Now the method as long as adhere to regular station to do the following, then congratulations, not far from success.

to do the following five steps to create a regular station is as simple as

as do normal station, even if the team doesn’t have much experience, please don’t pursue the large and complete. Try to target a niche market, it will be more easy to excellence. Even if the other side is what big Mac, because the other is not you professional, eventually you will be the winner. I believe that this is a historical lesson from all walks of life a lot of entrepreneurs, since it is the station to do, you must do a professional class.

, a website scale: specialization

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