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Five details need to pay attention to in the process of Shanghai Dragon


website, very affect the user browsing the website when the mentality, the Internet has a famous 8 seconds principle "users access the Web page, if more than 8 seconds will feel impatient, if need to download too long time, they will give up the access".

Open the speed of the

website optimization is sometimes spell the details, I hope that Shanghai dragon network editors every day in the update, the chain also don’t forget their own web site user experience, giving users a good impression. This is a detail to win in any way to be productive, for details of the deal must strive for excellence. Because you are not lost in the technology, nor is it lost in the strategy, but lost in the details. Website optimization from the details, pay attention to the content, focus on user experience, the following order to some website points to pay attention to the details of the optimization, we hope to inspire.

page in a new window open, or in the window open? This depends on what page, all pages we cannot open in a new window, all pages can not open the window. For example, the section of the web site page, website column page will have a large number of rich content, when users click on the column is the column to see the following article, obviously want to give up the current page, that the individual can use the open window. Besides the content of the page, in a piece of content at the beginning, we add an internal link to another page, then let the user read this article and then leave or leave? Think this you need to open new windows, keep this page.

site structure clear

Quanzhou Shanghai dragon has been advocating the website structure to build the "tree structure tends to flatten". A website structure is clear, distinct, not only conducive to the search engine spiders crawl, users can also be found.

website, directly affect the site traffic, and site visits and almost sites of interest directly linked, so the speed of website should be our most concern. So choose a good space is very important, but also often to the page to lose weight, such as the removal of redundant code notes, CSS, JS in an external file, the overall goal is to minimize the size of files, including HTML files, pictures and scripts. If the total size of the page file below 50K.

when users come to our website to let the user feel our website design beautiful, generous, visual effect is good, looked very comfortable, then the user will need to continue what he needs, of course we provide content must have the help to the user, or the user does not stay.

three, open web page window

, a website access speed of

Four, The access speed of

two, the website visual effect

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