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100 Q & a website optimization Shanghai dragon must know six

update site ?Since the


original content for search engines is still very large, will first consider the problem of user experience, second is the search engine itself a good judgment on. The original article is not always well written, and rich original content although it can promote the collection, but good original content may not be included, many factors included, just one of the original good.


52, original content for search engines are the influence of

in the process of contact in Shanghai Longfeng, everyone will encounter a lot of problems like this or that the wooden Shanghai dragon in order to let everyone know more and more convenient to understand these common problems in the Shanghai dragon, these are often asked to the site to ask Shanghai dragon optimization summary, a total of 100, for the convenience of everyone study, I will be the one to show everyone the answer, if there is insufficient or wrong place, welcome everybody.

51, why do some sites do not update the article can be ranked

next to the theme of the previously mentioned 100 questions must know the website optimization Shanghai Dragon (five), here is not long winded, directly into the 100 site optimization question of Shanghai dragon must know the (six):

: ? How much the richness of 55,

answer: the course is the more the better, but a little attention, no matter how many days send a article, must maintain an average to ensure quality. If the quality is not as long as don’t don’t matter, if not on the frequency of updates, not three days fishing nets two days of drying. This article is not more refined, the best quality, the original number can be, the key is timing quantitative qualitative, not fluctuated

included normal, proceed from other aspects, included the normal is not equal to the rankings. There are many factors that influence website ranking. May be the effect of the chain, may be clicked, it may be the site structure. More…… ranking factors related to see "2013" on the Google website ranking factors and key factors in the "2013 effect of website ranking summary" love Shanghai.

?The richness of

54, the website one day send many articles to


spider climb into the web crawling content, according to the content of the judgment can be judged to be crawling the

ranking has not included normal, is up

not update the article, but is now out of date, and some people will say that they rarely included many rankings, some stations, the total does not update the things, but the rankings are quite stable. But the station itself is either the weight of the high site, either old hits or very high, the chain number very much, but they are not so ordinary.

53, ask spider is how to judge the web site of the

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