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A middle course website optimization

"content is king" seems to have become Shanghai dragon circles but how to golden laws and precious rules, what kind of website content, content and to whom to see it, the user or search engine? A good website is both. The site is always impossible to have original content, even if it is unable to meet the needs of the site. The original web content, appropriate pseudo original articles and reproduced the classic good article, make web content more rich, but also to meet the reading needs of users.

search engine only bring visitors, and not your loyal users or customers can let visitors trust love your website, the key is to look at the site to the customer experience what. The website will make the user experience in various aspects, such as the appearance of the page, a warm reminder of humanity even 404 pages are needed to do the user experience of the site work.

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is a middle course best rule to deal with people thousands of years ago, people of st.. What is "a middle course", the effect that person every aspect should be taken into account, each must have a place to play. A middle course is also applicable to the website optimization, website optimization is a meticulous work, only a good obviously than comprehensive strong website.

website optimization is a long-term work, but the optimization is not much, there is a saying called "things". Shanghai dragon Er is responsible for site optimization, make it more in line with the search engine search habits, so for the page keyword optimization, code optimization, application of various labels is almost to the pursuit of perfection. Love Shanghai, Google and other search engines have also established their ranking mechanism, to optimize the site too obvious, is obviously not what love, because of fear of spiders, robots themselves into cheating system and unable to extricate themselves.

website optimization personally think is doing text links, text links will be ready, waiting for their search engine ranking. Although some of the absolute, but are often linked to the key factors in the rankings. In the construction of the chain at the same time, also to do the construction of the chain, the chain tension within the chain is the weight, weight distribution. We all know that home is the highest weight of the page, and other page should be a reasonable arrangement, the weight distribution between each page, keywords associated with the good, makes all aspects of the site to get maximum weight.

2, page optimization

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, a middle course is easier said than done, as the website ranking of the first page easy to maintain ranking but difficult, so the key is to have a long-term and meticulous persevere heart, adhere to optimize the work.

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