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Love Shanghai against super link chain era it really over

, I personally feel that the chain does not end, the chain of the website ranking and weight still have certain effect, but the chain website ranking in the role is not so important. The following diagram: a love of Shanghai 1 of the weight of the site, the love of Shanghai is made up of 67, only 50 backlinks can still ranked love Shanghai home position in the top five, but just after the data recovery was K.

is not so important?


is the optimization of the enterprise site because once the revision period has not updated the correlation content in early November by the K in the sea. This station is from the site on the line has been in an enterprise to optimize the station, in October this year at the request of the boss will "be revised, and the period has not timely updates to be in love with the sea K station, and today when the station has been gradually restored, the main keywords also ranked the top five. Position.


I really say why? I have from the optimization of an enterprise website seems to be more convincing

This >


we often talk about a Shanghai Dragon View "content is king, the chain for emperor", so a lot of people have been through the purchase of link means to make their sites to row to the first page. Indeed, in that the search engine under the background of the chain to a certain extent, directly affect the site’s ranking and weighting. But that was a long time ago, now love Shanghai to crack down on this opportunistic has Shanghai Longfeng means, which for many fighting in the front line of hard to provide quality webmaster resources is not fair. It is because of love Shanghai statement on the hyperlink hit, many people also believe that this is the chain era has ended.


since October 23rd this year, Shanghai issued "on the promotion of love" super chain cheating algorithm notices, love Shanghai for super chain cheating upgrade a huge impact on the webmaster, especially, the website of Shanghai dragon by the black chain webmaster. 5 this month, love Shanghai again issued a statement "linked to the sale behavior reminder, selling links will also hit", a move that caused great repercussions in Shanghai dragon circles. A lot of people in There were many discussions. Many people think that, "content is king, the chain for emperor" era has ended. So, love Shanghai against super link, the chain era really over

in my opinion, although the statement of love Shanghai linked to the sale of the strike, called on everyone to focus on the construction of website, Internet users to enhance the user experience requirements. But at least we report Haitong from falling in love can also see a little bit of information, the author thinks that love Shanghai although no public explanation has lost its effect on the site outside the chain, but also cannot explain the chain era has ended, only the chain in the site optimization work in the proportion of

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