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5 note of the Links exchange

is generally not more than 40 of each page as well, and the best home chain, when the exchange of use webmaster tools first check the number of other export, if export large website home page for more than 50, the average out or you lose.

Hello, I am plump mall editor, recently prepared by the small Shanghai Longfeng a lot of articles for publication in A5, also got everyone’s support, in fact, writing soft is a stick, just like the old Mou silently wrote a year before the rage, heart must be installed with user mentality first. It can provide a reference for the webmaster, A5 this area is very rich, well, Xiaobian this period to write an article on the exchange Links several considerations, I hope to want to improve the PR value of traffic with friends will be helpful.

two: export quality


: a reference each other PR value

four: do not be punished with K and Taobao

PR 0-10 is currently the highest PR level, Chinese website is out of the government of the number, the higher the love of Shanghai, YAHOO, Tencent and other top portals. For friends of the chain to the other traffic requirements are not necessarily because the flow rate is too high, it is always a difficult problem to the webmaster, but PR is at least reached more than PR3, because it is good and not good to determine the lowest site value.

three: correlation of

exchange chain is required because the site correlation, PR algorithm, similar sites score is dominant, we have used text connection settings for the web site of the core keywords, PR and keyword promotion is the two favorable picture link is set to the LOGO of the website, users see at a glance.

is K after falling in love with the sea, which included.

passenger exchangeIf

what is a chain link? Links name also known as link exchange, exchange links, English named Link exchange, fell in love with a variety of sea be flower noun, is mutually in their chain plate placed on the other side of the text links and pictures LOGO, and adding hyperlinks, allowing users to click to enter each other. The web site. Because Links can bring too many advantages, such as improve the PR value (this is a direct factor), traffic growth (if the Sohu, Sina home put a chain you, that is equivalent to the sum of the absolute flow promotion 1 months). The so-called Man’s heart is incomprehensible. plus the website each page, is generally not more than 40 friends of the chain, so now many disgruntled owners (especially selling chain network) in order to get other people’s individual links and cheating, is in the JS or iframe code inside the chain, often after some new friends of the chain is no longer hand done let the query they muddle through, such a link is meaningless. Then exchange chain should pay attention to what? The following small lists several common method of attention.

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