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Double eleven gave me the biggest shock WeChat electric sword

double eleven, I believe that Ali has been a lot of people in shock at the same time, also felt for the sake of the 35 billion, including me. However, more let me shock, or WeChat mobile provider in the first "ferocious".

as early as August this year, the China Internet Conference, I have to pay 1 yuan because of the experience of friends of WeChat and WeChat on the binding of their bank cards. At that time, I think the whole process is very smooth and smooth payment, the experience is very good. Later, through the WeChat to the phone charge over the value, give me the feeling is fast and convenient.

then, Yi Xun also announced full support for WeChat to pay at the end of August, but has no chance to experience desire and initiative. Finally, in the "double eleven", when I accidentally discovered the personal column of my bank card, when there are new information tips, found out the column "double 11 selected commodities". It is found that the point inside, the promotion page, then choose to browse the goods from the area, and then decided to buy until the payment is successful, the whole process is still extremely smooth.

from the point of view of the shopping experience, WeChat has been fully and easily open up quickly. Because I have been in the fast and easy to buy the product, so the selected goods in WeChat, will be directly on the receipt of the address and contact list for my choice. The most critical is that, in the final payment, the bank card directly through WeChat to complete the payment link, and did not pass through the payment of money or other third party payment.

can be seen, WeChat’s electricity supplier is still relatively cautious way to go. Before there is no great wind or movement will show WeChat and it will double in eleven big action. And WeChat’s eleven sales promotion entrance also did not make it clear, if it is not accidental to go in, perhaps today, one day can not find the event information. It is clear that the combination of fast and easy promotion is a careful attempt WeChat electricity supplier. However, this attempt also let WeChat in terms of electricity providers with sharp fangs.

first, and seamless and easy fast so fast and easy to take the lead in the mobile era in the future. At the PC end of the QQ era, although as well as fast and easy once patted regularly through the QQ client to pop into flow, but the user has already been in Taobao and Alipay foster years using the inertia of the Tencent, electricity providers still can not grab too much market share. However, as the mobile Internet era WeChat dominate the political arena, as well as the convenience of intelligent mobile phone payments, electricity supplier ecosystem WeChat is likely to become Taobao and Alipay.

WeChat has enabled users to do online at any time, and the user can use the fragmentation of the time is very appropriate. The QQ pop down flow effect is not good because the user experience is not good, many people see the window after the first reaction is to turn off. And in the PC end users may see the popup is busy with a lot of things, no time to stroll leisure goods. At the end of the phone is completely different, the user is usually used when WeChat is idle or bored. When >

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