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Answer new Shanghai Yongqiang strong common Longfeng problems

have your domain name, will let love Shanghai included? I registered a domain name, a few days ago did not find the chain, this today to check before, let others registered

The common problems of ?

I do, do three months, do eye related keywords, word index is small, but the competition is relatively large, the love of Shanghai top three page has ten top-level domain name, keywords love Shanghai ever in the first page, but no traffic, every day has been more the new, but now has been in the state of the K website is, ask for combining the teacher: now website content, change the keywords

is feasible?Answer:

Shanghai Longfeng three

is forever positioning when we are doing a site when you first want to, the Shanghai dragon positioning to upload after the website, the index of small competition now not many words, there will be more, you need to know to learn all the time in Shanghai Longfeng personnel increased, now personnel in Shanghai dragon for ranking and worry, after the Shanghai dragon all can with the keyword and trouble, now grab words can be said to grab the vault. The first three pages with 10 top-level domain name is not what bad things can be broken through, but because every day you update your site is new, need to gain weight, the article to write their own, not to copy others, now the search engine to determine the pseudo original articles are more and more perfect, basically can see. For the content of the website again as a stand, your station has been K, you stand not to provide any value, not recommended for continue to update, they could make a new website optimization,. Why not let change? Because of the change in the 3 months after you think you will love Shanghai and cheating, before they are K, want to come out and found that you changed again, he will be angry, flay never let you, ha ha ~ hope don’t need it. These questions are about the Shanghai dragon.

The first

Shanghai Longfeng two

Shanghai dragon

forever answer: your question is to write the title strategy, search engine for your title is 30 words, why don’t you use it, the more likely your words to search the site more ah, search engines have a word function, that is to say for example your keywords is not a weight loss diet pills products, and your title contains the word slimming products, so when they search for slimming products have to find you! You just write the title of your keywords effect is not very good, because the key words flow from your writing only can only come! The source of no direction


if a word first page is a domain name and are 30 words, and I use a word to write several to do a website is good rankings

!The common problems of The common problems of

forever as long as there is no law over the old domain are very good, very love Shanghai love the old domain, because the old domain name can bring us the weight Oh ~ although the domain name but not delete the chain, that is to say there are weight >

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