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What factors determine the Shanghai dragon Er treatment

Salary: 4750 yuan

two: the development of the company

this is also very important, the leadership of the company and the level of awareness of Shanghai dragon recognition of your ability will directly affect your salary. If you encounter a dragon in Shanghai do not know what the leadership I feel you won’t get the right salary. Even the leadership of Shanghai dragon this thing but he is not attached great importance to this, as you can not get the appropriate compensation.

four: regional partition


Nanjing Shanghai dragon salary: 3780 yuan Wuxi Shanghai dragon salary: 3200 yuan Suzhou Shanghai dragon salary: 4300 yuan

Fuzhou Shanghai dragon.

want to get paid, their ability is the most important, if a large Chinese companies out of 1 million annual salary paid you dare to go now? You might say, what dare not go. But you can achieve the requirements of people? So do Shanghai dragon paid is endless, the key is how the ability of your own

Shanghai dragon industry although very hot, but in fact it is very confusing. This hot credit cannot do without our webmaster affection and communication of Shanghai dragon. But because Shanghai Longfeng this industry entry threshold is relatively low, many people have to work in this industry, resulting in the industry is very hot, at the same situation is uneven, in terms of treatment is vastly different, today the best Shanghai dragon will talk about what factors determine the treatment of Shanghai dragon Er:

is going to talk about the development of the company, why is this problem? The accurate point should be the development prospects of the company, if the company you don’t feel what the prospects for development, can not provide the stage show for you, and his overall benefit is no good, so even if you have the ability is not paid. Because you are the dragon in the shallows, unable to display their act, and can not see the brilliant tomorrow.

Guangzhou Shanghai Longfeng Shenzhen Shanghai Longfeng salary: 5280 yuan Hangzhou Shanghai dragon salary: 4980 yuan

the first thing to say is this ability problem, many people now have a type of bottle not ring half bottle sloshing, think you will modify the title, will do the chain this is Shanghai dragon, in fact, far worse, Shanghai dragon far as Jane outside people want to single and easy.

why do you want to talk about this issue, because different areas of consumption situation is not the same, so naturally the same industry wages are not the same. The following data is from the Internet, the authenticity and reliability of data I have not known, only for reference:

Shanghai Shanghai dragon salary: 5350 yuan

three: the leadership of the company

: its ability to

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