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The site is a common manifestation of K

4, the website included only home page: this phenomenon is relatively common, some new sites in Shanghai included love after a long time still only home page was collected, and the old station this is usually caused by cheating web site as waste treatment station; this phenomenon is also a kind of special for example, is usually said site is in harmony, be in harmony is certainly contained in illegal or banned text search engine.

solution: if it is met the search engine update algorithm is no need to worry, the appropriate site to increase the original articles and increase the chain, the home page will slowly put out, and if it is a search engine that is cheating cause, is to check the site traffic and web link changes so as to make timely adjustment.

solution: the front and almost, where is the problem you deal with where this time even by other links caused by punishment, the short term to restore is very difficult, in addition to find solution cause besides trying to attract and then visit the search engine spiders, and new sites, to win the search engine trust.


solution: if it is caused by cheating, usually this website has been very difficult to restore position in the search engine, or the site itself is dumpster properties, website content is all through.

2, the website not included: here said the website not included are not aimed at the railway station, because the station even if satisfactory search engines also need to the railway station, a study period, while not included also is very normal. Once the site appears ZhengZhan not included, can not find included page in the search engine, the website that has serious cheating, or friends of the chain also has stations appear this kind of circumstance, or whether there is a shared IP below the station was punished.

1, was included in the website home page disappeared: this situation is relatively common, sometimes may be removed from the home page included due to the search engine update algorithm, the other is the site optimization itself is a problem, such as the process of Web site optimization is suspected of cheating, there may be cheating by cheating this means that cheating is initiated by others, such as brush flow, hang black chain etc..

3, a significant reduction in the number of sites included in the search engine is included: reducing the number included in an enterprise such as before, I optimized the station was in Google included more than 2000 pages, the result of a sharp decline to accidentally included one hundred pages of results, as can be imagined, the site is down right.

solution: for this drop right, usually optimization excessive or a large amount of copying the contents, the solution to the problem is to increase the degree of the original, if the site optimization is caused by the excessive part of the excessive modified waiting for search engine update.

site is K is right to be reduced below about the meaning of the site was K or K will be

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