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To improve navigation optimization keyword ranking score


website to improve keyword rankings will make the details of the optimization in different aspects, such as I do a good job in the three major elements of Title Optimization of a paper on some details about the title keyword optimized. In addition to the optimization of the title of the article, the optimization of site navigation is also important, in fact do navigation optimization can win keyword ranking score, increase the weight value of the keyword in the search engine. How can we do the optimization of navigation

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in fact, if you put this link words to do a keyword in the navigation bar, and certainly detrimental to the user experience, so we put emphasis on the formation of Web text links important column section, so the contents of the column update in turn for the keyword cumulative weight, improve its search engine rankings this is.

Keyword links to the . !

above the green box and red boxed text links are to optimize the site keywords, the red box text links form a site column section, and the green box the key link is home page links, especially in the bottom two, is only for the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng do this

keyword in the navigation should be appeared in the title site, you need to focus on the optimization of keywords or long tail words, the best practice is to make this important columns site! The navigation bar on the site is usually the most by a part of the site keywords appear in these positions, Shanghai the optimization effect is undoubtedly dragon. We can see, here is the body weight loss drug list weight station navigation bar code:


how to do navigation optimization to improve the keyword in the search engine ranking score? With a simple guest site as an example, personally think that to do the following:

1, the navigation bar, and rely on


site navigation is an important hub of the forum website links, looks simple in fact for the website is to do There is much fineness in Shanghai dragon. For example, last week due to the weight, ranking fell with a weight loss of my station, some words from the home page third to second, or even twenty or thirty long tail keywords ranking disappeared, but there are also some key fluctuations are not great. It is worth emphasizing that these keywords and long tail is optimization of the front page, the website is not within the pages of the long tail. All of these keywords to fluctuations do a comparative analysis, I found that the keyword ranking volatility is basically in the navigation position of key link, is an important section of the website. And those who fell sharply and even disappearance of keywords and long tail, just appeared on the website or home page title. This navigation bar appears visible in the keywords, engine weight value is relatively more important. Of course, this difference dropped factors outside the station optimization on the inside, but it certainly can not get away and the station optimization.

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