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The latest web site about the way out of the high rate of

two, inside and outside the link, the first widely said, links must be realistic, not your text is the latest product click into into contact, so you are deceiving the user. Don’t do some fraudulent links to seek the point of the flow, the establishment of a breadcrumb, there must be a reasonable inside chain and so on between the article and the article.

6. overall design: just select template station, not according to the product and company culture to design template


2. server is slow: the most intuitive your site is often not open

5. content of the article: the article is the site to attract users to the most important place in

website jump out rate is too high

so the bounce rate is what kind of impact on our site? The most direct impact is directly decided you in the search engine rankings, because once a site out rate is too high, so your site is also means that the user experience is also worse?

three directions:

3. piles of dead links: dead link, this thing is the most hated spiders, like you finally come to a dead end as

1.: the anchor text chain structure out of order at home and in construction, no association and so on


4. suspended advertising: many sites love make a bigger suspended advertising floated, not knowing that most users hate

what is the cause of our site jump out rate is too high, small series analysis as follows:

, a web server to enhance the access speed, this is the most simple method, users love fast loading pages, once your pages load a picture to a few minutes, where there are people willing to stay in your

, the three page adjustment and the quality of supervision, we can analyze the web page click by click on the link number of some search engine’s Web site observation tool to achieve the fine tuning of the page. The quality of supervision is very important, we must do a good job in this. Good article is to solve the user out of high rate of the fundamental way.


finally summary: website bounce rate is too high is not terrible, terrible is some webmaster to finally found not to regard it as right, then it is too late. So do the original article, the construction of internal and external links, which can reduce the rate of jump out of the site. (article from: www.d>

want to introduce today is about how to remove the site out of the high rate of. As we all know the bounce rate refers to the bounce rate is the user through the search keywords related to your website, just browse the page left a percentage of visits to the site of the total number of visits. The bounce rate for the website content that the user can endorse or attract users on site.

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