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The role of the chain on the search engine optimization

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mentioned this, must when it comes to the garbage station. Because the station of low threshold, currently the site of the company more to go, each in a business site. Each every standard, but only forget is the present each search engine must follow the international standard (W3C). Some people often ask: how to determine the search engine is rubbish station I have to stop? Although the love of Shanghai search engine is the machine, but after strict standards, what is rubbish station can recognize it at a glance, there is no reason to love Shanghai a complex code structure to the front row to the waste station. So, is the establishment of learning, can make some efforts to do something, the website Standardization (W3C) near. Not what harm.

love Shanghai keyword ranking in the end on the basis of what


here I am saying exterior link is very important, but did not say more external links. From the long-term observation of love Shanghai algorithm experience, within a period of time, Shanghai foreign ministry attaches great importance to the link of love, weight distribution algorithm is also very high, then through the external links to the website optimization purpose is easy. But sometimes, especially in a short time a large number of external links with time rather than anti do use, often careless love Shanghai drop right or K stand is very normal. External links should insist for a long time, have received when you feel.

love Shanghai optimization have been so many websites making Shanghai dragon enthusiasts and headache, because every time the love Shanghai algorithm fluctuations, will cause the floating of keywords ranking, website drop site right down to other reflect.

based Internet presence — super link

1, the site must be standardized

3, web site keywords and Title

external links is a double-edged sword, how to use is constantly summary worked out too. Any single argument is not correct. Not

sites must have external links, but attention must grasp


in Shanghai optimization research, each people have different views and opinions. Something that is of high quality original, there is something that is external links, click rate seems very reasonable,… I summarize and practice that really effective experience is as follows:

should be very powerful arguments. Learn a little basic knowledge of website construction to know, the first chapter is about the affirmation. No super link does not exist there is no website, exchange of information, nor love Shanghai, Google and other search engines. Therefore, online rumors have external links to love Shanghai optimization useless untenable.

is only the external links, website publicity, only the flow of a visitor, only the visibility will be known as the station, station, will lead to the mysterious visitor — the search engine spiders will fall in love with the sea ranked forefront.

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