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Wuhan Shanghai dragon Li Ming summarizes seven way of chain

Wuhan Shanghai dragon know that the chain is the most important method to improve website rankings and flow, effectively increase the chain is very important, "noble baby bomb" phenomenon can best illustrate the effect of external links. Due to the impact of external links on the correlation, included, and weight, will lead directly to the keywords ranking and search traffic changes, now many webmaster think external link building is the most important step in the work of Shanghai Longfeng, far more than the optimization of internal structure and web page optimization.



third, the soft launch

blog site high weight and large flow, and now many blogs are free, so we should make full use of these resources. For example, we have to get the celebrity blog submission, of course, adding links, or in the other blog message adding links, can be a lot of promotion. Generally speaking, as long as the quality of your good, these bloggers are willing to contribute to you. Just now the weight of the chain blog obtained by love Shanghai greatly reduced, but the number still can play a certain effect.

submitted to the soft external links way is also very good, soft Wen is a very good way of publicity, if you write a wonderful article and publish it to the corresponding weight high website, there will be lots of websites reproduced, thus greatly increasing the web site outside of the chain. I know A5 and Chinaz are available, these two weights are very high, as long as your article is original, and there is a certain degree of readability, it is easy to be reprinted. If you can press source type website submission and get through, the effect is the best.

second, blog site is outside the chain of resources and large flow of high weight

is the weight of high flow, the recruitment website outside the chain of resources, we can also use it. In the recruitment or add your own website for the link in the message, if the site through your request is included so love Shanghai have a great chance, but not to mess with, so the site administrator will not let you through, preferably with some recruitment text.

first, go to the weight of the high recruitment website to provide recruitment information or information for

but, even if we released every day many outside the chain, but can be included in the Shanghai love less and less, so we almost like a waste of time and resources, so improve the chain effectively is to solve the problem we have now.

personalized signature Forum

is now a lot of big forum have allowed the use of character signature, and a signature can link, the chain resources which we can use. As long as we are registered forum account, good character signature set in the personal data when we posted in these high weight forum and will post replies, character signature is shown below in our set of links to web. Like "on A5

here in Wuhan Shanghai dragon to sum up a few points outside the chain of effective methods:

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