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The accurate identification of page search engine is not compulsory gift

people love Shanghai dynamic can be easily found, love Shanghai Lee "we are designing a more perfect original recognition algorithm" said is on the July 2nd love Shanghai "anti cheat team" search for low quality site measures already in force "against" low quality website (pseudo original and no original site) "comprehensive measures have been effective negative – you remember, at that time," the low quality site measures have been effective in imposing "Yu said:" to provide high-quality, original webmaster resources, because we have reduced or even eliminated the low quality of the site’s ranking, you will get more traffic from Shanghai love".

, Shanghai Post Bar love club owners, well-known Chinese experts in the "Shanghai dragon ZAC generation question of original content cannot be identified in the post asks:" the original content of their rankings often than reproduced or copied, the webmaster can do what prevention or improvement? I stand every day to update the original content, and love Shanghai every day after the update, but others reproduced was collected, my article is not to search. I insist on nearly 4 months of the original, but Shanghai still love to throw me into more than 500

but less than two months, Shanghai love search engineer Lee answer completely denies love Shanghai web search anti cheating team said, this is really surprising.

over the past two years, the situation is still no change stated above question, even worse, a variety of "copy acquisition pseudo original" valuable original content page easily love Shanghai web search on the keyword index recommended to search users, while the original content starting site is minglasunshan. In this kind of love aimed at objectively at the Shanghai defects, to copy the acquisition pseudo original "as the basis of the so-called Shanghai dragon continues to spread.

After In April 13, 2010

and, after two years of "original content" two face recognition question, love Shanghai Lee have taken a look around him "method: two years ago Lee perfunctory answer" from the angle of the user experience, some may not be worse than the original…… Only domestic reprint, many are qiatouquwei, so that the original is injured, more is for domestic reproduced problems; and this year I Shanghai Lee replied: ">

love dialogue

also is the love of Shanghai It is as expected, the search engineer Lee two years ago, "the answer is the answer, only say that Shanghai’s strategy is not perfect, we have also been improved" – "we are designing a more perfect original recognition algorithm".

is It is as expected in August 10th this year, the love of Shanghai "stationmaster clinic open day" activities, the original identification problem has become a webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER to love Shanghai search engineer Lee question.

! "

ZAC two years ago on behalf of the original owners included problems with representatives of Shanghai’s Lee

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