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Shanghai dragon race the front is a dead end hope in the corner

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng workers think Shanghai Longfeng industry has to end. Before discussing this problem, I give you see two pictures.

then left Shanghai dragon ER are how much space? It seems that Shanghai dragon really come to an end. But this is clearly not my message today is, I think, Shanghai dragon still have a brilliant future in the future, this is not a pointer to Shanghai dragon love Shanghai Shanghai dragon.

do not know if you see the two picture is what feeling, at least I obviously feel Shanghai Longfeng worker’s life increasingly difficult.

network media Tencent President Liu Shengyi said: big data era has come. The advent of the era of big data means what? Data analysis is very important, because the data is massive. But the data also reminds us that the retrieval of data will be more important. The search engine is to retrieve web tools, but with the advent of the era of big data, not only is the mass ".

yes, all data in the field of the Internet are almost rapid expansion, this is the Shanghai dragon worker of the gospel, because you need to find what search.

actually I have more than half a year without the operation of Shanghai Longfeng project, from the beginning of the 06 year for personal webmaster, after contact with the Shanghai dragon, by Shanghai dragon really brings me a lot of benefits, or flow. But the income or flow depends on the site selection of Shanghai Longfeng target keywords, some words commercial value is low, but high flow. Although some time traffic is not high, but the commercial value is very high. The high flow word to bring traffic, then we can use the cash flow, high commercial value words bring trading profits directly.

when you look at the two pictures above my hair, the first picture is high flow, low commercial value of the word. This word has been love Shanghai rule (not love Shanghai know, if there are people in Shanghai love questions related problems, the result will be even more spectacular). The second picture is of high commercial value, so the word has been completely love Shanghai businessmen through bidding occupy a prime location.

For example,

mobile application, now the number of mobile applications may not need to search engine, search only application market will be enough, but with the accelerated development of mobile Internet, mobile application in the short term may be tens of millions of dollars, then the application search will gradually become very important. So we see ASO (App Store Optimization) concept gradually heat up. For example, now the most popular micro-blog, micro-blog’s tens of millions of active users, if you want to find a topic of interest to the user or search, is obviously a good way. For example, video search and other vertical search gradually rise, let alone have a very mature development of Taobao products in Shanghai dragon. In a word.

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