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The five major factors of anti chain decreasing and Solutions

server space


anti chain decreasing and solutions:

in this love Shanghai update time, the author of the site of the chain are declining, sometimes there are blind, self love Shanghai chain, the author has always been cautious of the chain, but the decreasing chain but let me see the road ahead.

distance Shanghai love to talk about the chain has passed judgment for a while, you were no longer worried whether the chain of the problem? The chain for the website from Shanghai love to talk about the chain is a good example of judgment, if he won’t be of no great importance the introduction of such a judgment. But there are some problems, like the fog lie in front of us, under the fog, if there is a road, we couldn’t see.

server maintenance or upgrade, this is a long-term plan, and sooner or later, why not just do it.

2. website by malicious

The low quality of the chain itself

we start talking about the outer space of the server, if your server is not stable, will cause the page loading speed is too slow, then search engine as your page has been deleted or wrong to punish your site, there may be outside the chain guide you will delete the site, at the same time it also greatly reduced user experience.

The five major factors of


solution: illegal address complaints to the major search engines, and through its own website to the visitors and can indicate, publicity, caused by visitors and people concerned.

when the site by malicious operations, search engine friendly website will reduce, but also reduce the foreign chain of the friendly, when the search engine doesn’t trust the chain, the chain will naturally reduce. Timely filed a complaint to the search engine, is one of the very good solution. Recently, some criminals use the website brand word for the spread of illegal information, has achieved very good results in my complaint.

"on the chain" judgment has a very good description of the rules, before many webmasters have to do forum signature, such as post, the quality of the chain is very low, do not use, and now if you still do, that is absolutely not good on your site. The webmaster can contribute to the large Webmaster Platform soft, use transfer >


what is the reason for my regular chain has been reduced? I cannot continue to go blind, to clear thinking, clear away the fog. As we know, the station optimization and stood outside optimization is equally important, palm is meat, we can take a. So in the site leyuanbaby贵族宝贝 has anti chain declining phenomenon, I made the following analysis.

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