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The fifth generation keywords for example a glimpse of how to identify the key words of competition


three: SERP analysis of bidding number

and when we perform a search in a keyword search box type, usually we can see the relevant search information in the search results page, there is also statistical number of search results. We can roughly estimate keywords by the number of search results accuracy, if this value is greater, so there is more high precision. For example, we use love Shanghai in search of the "fifth generation" search results as high as 25700000, so we can say the word of competition is not small. But there is one thing we need to note that the error of this method is high, for example, I searched for "hello" this is not what the business value of the word, the number of search results is as high as 100000000. So this means only as a rough estimate.

search results

compared with the direct search keywords is more accurate, because we directly when the search keyword search results returned is the whole page appears the word page, the title of the site may not be the key words, may only occasionally appear in the page, for example: "National Day" of the word, sentence a: the National Day holiday, with one hundred bags of mail. Two sentences: the success of the Olympic bid, celebrated. The existence of "National Day" word in the two sentence, but the meaning is far. The center for second words a sentence "National Day" is not the word of the sentence. We can take him excluded from the analysis. Give a word to explain: intitle instruction, love Shanghai: "intitle: results of the fifth generation" found 883000, love Shanghai "fifth generation" search results for 25700000. The intitle instruction in judging the degree of competition can also play a good effect.

Shanghai dragon is an extension of a site should not be underestimated, while Shanghai Longfeng success is largely due to the choice of keywords is accurate. If the flaws in the choice of keywords, it is likely that you will face all the efforts are cast to the wind. As for the choice of keywords many owners have their own way, but also to determine the keywords competition many, if you simply just from one point of view it is very difficult to reduce the error of interpretation. Based on this, the author takes "fifth words generation" of the recharge software as an example, the degree of competition analysis of how to identify key words of multi angle.

: a quantitative analysis of

two: intitle analysis

Use the intitle command to

search engine is the main way of profit for advertising, some commercial value will have the relevant keywords for advertising. We can borrow from the number of bidding advertising in the search results of a keyword competition. As shown in the figure below is the "fifth generation bidding advertising" this one word of the search results.

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