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Search engine optimization strategy to attract traffic and ranking the five core


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here is a client recently to my question, "if my gun (search engine optimization theory) in only 5 rounds, I will use the 5 bullet what?" I started thinking about customer problems. If there are five things that I can do a site, to improve his ranking and flow. What should I do?

5, create a solid element description to strengthen your title and HTML content. Even before these labels did have value, but they still often appear in the SERP directory.

3, edit the title you mark to ensure that their description contains the target keyword. The title tag is a very easy thing in the optimization work but has the most direct effect.

based on their results, this is some of the strategies I do;

is the same, there are many other influences to Shanghai dragon. However, when I was asked if I had only 5 bullets do I fight, I think it will give me a chance to fight and away from out of control.

4, create a content value to the reader’s description and use target keyword phrases based on HTML page. This is why the "content is king". Focus on providing thoughtful and describe valuable content, you will be in the search engine optimization on the road of success.

2, the job should have the authority, and the establishment of mutual trust mechanism with your users and search engines. Just what does that mean? It means to build a site to be of value to the users, the link value and eliminate any unrealistic talk rubbish may affect the user experience or your site search capability (black hat or grey hat).

thank you!

1, started the construction of links, links to make you more popular". You get the inbound links from various sources. Remember, a link, want not quantity but quality. So what you need is a high quality link, this means that you should focus on the authority of the site of high quality links.


is lucky I realized, I realized that I had found the answer, because Shanghai Longfeng imitation more easily than other industries. Shanghai dragon Moz (the world’s largest search engine optimization tool provider) in a recent study, they try to find the search engine ranking factors before five and most of the search engine algorithm structure.

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