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Love Shanghai in the second half to punish low quality sites the news of the upcoming webmaster

when you click after reading this article, I believe you are directed to this title and come here, I want to tell you is: "there is a special place for the title, is the emergence of the love of Shanghai in the second half to punish low quality site and the head of the news is coming"; and this title say: "love Shanghai after June will punish the low quality of the site, and all sectors of the website as long as there is low quality" will be standing down the right and K, so that the owners will come to death." Therefore, this article only to the webmaster site weight low quality, high ranking, poor and guilty, including talent, education, real estate, games, cars, electricity, and other industries B2B website.

what is the low quality site, your site is


two days ago I wrote an article "the coming love Shanghai search" earthquake ", beyond the black 6.28K station incident", the contents of the article are internal messages of love in Shanghai, that is to say love Shanghai in the second half will be a big upheaval, could be large K station or beyond 2012 black station 6.28K events, and the love of Shanghai according to the low quality of the web site, the web site where quality is low, can not help web content required by the user, users are looking for love, Shanghai will be severely punished for this type of site. Of course, there are some cheating sites, the sale of soft link sites and other types of cheating sites, all love to punish Shanghai. So, today, and some resonate webmaster communication with me, maybe your site for reasons of quality is just love Shanghai right down.

on the Internet now, have to say garbage a day more than a day, spam people are more and more each day, the feeling will not stop. But these garbage also brings problems, users see in search of something.


here, believe that the webmaster all know, love the sea in May issued a "white paper" web search quality, this paper will consider the three dimensions of every page of every website and give a quality score, and these three dimensions are: content quality, web browsing system and accessibility. The webmaster can not underestimate this three, according to hear the three belong to the love of Shanghai quality system, can determine whether the overall quality of the website standard. If non-compliance would be reduced in the low quality of the "love Shanghai search opportunity to show that, even if not included; the high quality page display priority in the search engine and enhance the weight of standard. So, from where we can see the importance of this love in Shanghai issued a white paper on the site is very large, once the second half of the white paper into effect, as can be imagined the poor quality of the site will have too much to handle. Of course, the high quality website owners can not worry, on the other hand, Shanghai will love your rankings and weight of the best.

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