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How to let the user voluntarily help us to release the chain

, the problem is that you have not thought about why their website does not send outside the chain, ranking him why so high? Maybe some people will think of the chain of the chain release software, software has become an industry chain, if you do wrong, I am thinking that the manual to help you send outside the chain of high quality. Instead of using software or tools to send the chain.

some successful webmaster in website before they think differently, they think before doing so is the site of the brand, and for the method which website can let others help you automatically send the chain. Such as the news website to attract people to the site.

site in the future

I say this may hurt your self-esteem, to tell you the truth, most of the people in the study first consideration is not free. This is consistent with the Chinese problems, if not free may give up this tutorial.

this thing about the Internet is learning ideas, and expand the field of vision to find new marketing opportunities, create channel marketing method. This promotion is what we need, but in general only keep their own three acres land, has been that only a professional master is going to happen? Are you thinking is good, but not in the Internet, the Internet is a spider line, not an independent will the survival of things, if you only do every day Shanghai dragon chain can do a successful website that you OUT.

chain is every webmaster to do every day, maybe some owners rely on the hair of the chain website success, when in fact the real success of the site outside the chain do not to rely on their own success, but there are still large numbers of people are willing to take the oneself to send the chain road, why so? There is only one reason, they don’t know much about the network marketing in the early, just access to the Internet has been misled by what the so-called hacker, screen technology, or is outside the chain of high ranking slogan misleading. Today, why bother to introduce cases.

lack of attention led to smaller field of vision

not to consider the provider has no real power in the study, before a lot of people love to the forum tutorial, but also want to open a VIP member, he does not know is that a small forum can give you much help, if he not know why a really powerful. There is a more serious problem, to a learning forum after registration opened VIP have not found what even the forum website record number are not still learned with relish.

learned a period of time that the forum’s data are a hodgepodge, or expired tutorial, don’t have a lot of information, out of order, the practical data basically no, about being cheated and went to the YY channel to learn, or go to Taobao to buy cheap goods, the result is self-evident, or cheated.

thought determines the rapid development of

The The chain is important for

you may is junk

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