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How will the experience of small rookie right down the site included recovery experience

2 replacement program will replace the program better customer experience program. Optimization within the program set, and learning PHP knowledge, change the source code. There is no repeat of the page program out of the page information and the index fell in love with the sea.


3 set up the chain to buy some high quality name >

more than a month of recovery work

1 space due to the initial stage, is to buy the cheapest space. In the beginning also feel as fast as you can, then more slowly, resulting in late often open the case. Because the Taobao customer program to cache, when a lot of space is full. The server refused to visit the site. A lot of good traffic, because access to open and long time loss.

1 to replace the space or the saying goes "a price of a goods, no good cheap goods", the stability of the space is our webmaster a basic livelihood base. Only a good space, in order to ensure access to the spider moment is convenient, customers buy merchandise quickly. Not only the keywords we work hard to make up, a short time away.

4 Links no good check in time Links, many links have made K, can not be found in time. There are a lot of garbage so as to cause the station and the station links cheating. Cause love Shanghai does not trust his own website.

love Shanghai is like a stern Professor doctrinaire everything, he will tell us the rules and scope, never tell us where the wrong. One day we often let up to find our website rather baffling many words disappeared. Although we now hate him, but I know it is in the warning and remind us that we are out of scope and rules. To find the mistakes should be self reflection. Last month I experienced a morning like this, the keyword ranking 100 after falling, and included only 3 digits for the kill chain. For a few days in Shanghai, the snapshot is not updated. This is a big blow to really a Taobao keyword flow based webmaster. Calm down, think carefully, try to change, after more than a month of hard work, your website and chain resume included, the snapshot is updated to 3 days. Happy to the process of trying to write out and share with everyone!

3 the poor quality of chain in Shanghai. Although love Forum blog made a lot of links, but are pure advertising links, it is easy to delete, update of blog contents of self, the number of anchor text links too much.

2 program Amoy Dongdong although the search engine is friendly, easily included. But the user experience is bad. Not friendly interface allows users to have the desire to buy. And the program is too small, is the same with others of similar optimization procedures, no difference is too little.


analysis of website drop right (K) cause

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