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Website optimization Shanghai Longfeng not anxious to prevent misunderstanding is the key

three: the site outside the chain is also very common problems in the construction of


Internet e-commerce success, the Internet opened a new upsurge of investment, now because the group purchase website struggling, the Internet also appears to be pulled once winter’s edge, but now the Internet to appear as the beginning of this century that the collective cold is not possible, is more local, for example group purchase local cold wave appeared still very likely! For the webmaster friends, operation site is naturally in order to make money, do a good job in the website is not the Shanghai dragon optimization, after all, Shanghai Longfeng optimization can help many webmaster friends to save a lot of marketing expenses, because of this, many webmaster want to wait put your site optimization to love Shanghai home, but it’s just so, so many webmasters imperceptibly into the Shanghai dragon optimization Misunderstanding! We are going to talk about these hidden common misconceptions about


for the construction of the chain site, is most likely to enter the current owners misunderstanding, because there are so many temptations of the construction of the chain on the site, such as the mass of the chain, buy black links and so on, can reduce the cost of the investment to gain more returns, but the risk of such returns brought by the same great, these the mass of the chain or the black chain, although in a short time there is not love but love Shanghai Shanghai crack, crack the cheating motivation and ability can not be underestimated, so I chose the construction of the chain, often also chose the dances with wolves, so the correct construction of the chain, should be through formal the website, or find some regular site outside the chain, for example.

two: the misunderstanding of website architecture can not be ignored

: the most common misconceptions about


is now a lot of grassroots Adsense in the website construction, in order to save money, the website structure is free template of the Internet, this kind of template, although to a certain extent have also been properly optimized, most follow the three layer architecture, but because the Internet has too many templates, you still use this kind of disaster caused by flooding water. Free template architecture, nature is difficult to arouse the interest of the spider love Shanghai, probably from the beginning, Shanghai will bring you love spiders such site defined as waste site, so you want to get a higher weight becomes more difficult

for the website optimization, many experts are summarized in two aspects, one is the content of the website, the chain is another website, for the content, a lot of people in order to enhance the content of the keyword ranking and included, serious stack, many website content is actually the keywords the contents of this stack, and can also be included in the search engine, it looks like a cheat victory, may actually make your site can be entered into the sandbox, re assessment, the resulting loss, is much larger in cheating, so the content optimization errors, must avoid, and avoid the method is to provide high quality content for your

content optimizationIn fact,

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