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The station for the update allows you to get the massive high quality original article experience

often see many webmaster attention to how to improve the quality of the station for the fast at the forum, with both the Shanghai dragon rules and can be very good to meet the needs of users, many owners are feeling is very difficult, therefore, pseudo original keywords and software acquisition or replacement is common usage. But facing the requirement of search engine on the original, innovative and unique value, many enterprises website content is very difficult to meet the requirements, not to mention the road sites rely on user satisfaction and improve the conversion rate of products. Then we need to open brainstorming, creative use of force, in the station of the updates can be obtained Everfount resources. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform in 2013 clearly pointed out that the future is to increase efforts to support the original site, in order to cope with current increasingly serious network homogenization and the phenomenon of plagiarism, to encourage owners innovation also has an important guiding role. In addition to the conventional means of creation, how to get more of the original article, dragon talk about personal views:

1. team creation

2. "

networkThe rapid development of

the Internet nowadays, everyone exchanges have become convenient, use the network to engage in part-time personnel are constantly increasing. We can use the Internet writer, take the form of outsourcing, Everfount article to obtain high conception. As an industry, the different angle design will vary, as long as we put the general direction of the requirements and told them they can.

is now the company has a team to optimize themselves, the creation is not confined to Shanghai, or website editor, everyone in the team can according to their own creative thinking in an article, as long as the distinctive point of view, you can clear conception. Perhaps many people will say that they do not know how to write the article to Shanghai dragon is of much help for the website? In fact, as long as you have this aspect, does not necessarily require how gorgeous language, does not necessarily require too much attention in Shanghai dragon, only demand will have a good market. Perhaps you do not worry, let the company Shanghai dragon appropriate changes can, if we all participate in the timely creation, each person only needs one you will worry about the source? Better than a Shanghai dragon or edit every day to stay in front of the computer, do not stop the conception, racking their brains to find material strong.

algorithm with constantly updated, the chain has become history for the imperial era, topical website optimization direction is transferred from the station to the station, the user experience has been hitherto unknown attention, and the website updates are priority among priorities. For many owners are not Chinese majors, the specialty is not necessarily responsible for the site and similar in the idea will inevitably worry. Especially for the requirements of both quality and quantity are more at the start of the new station, Shanghai dragon and edit a single test that meet the demand, if the recruitment of a large number of editors caused the waste of resources, is not conducive to long-term economic benefits of enterprises.

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