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Pay mode to give entrepreneurs more opportunities why pay is good


Google Apps for Business (Google provides a software as a service product for enterprise messaging, collaboration and security) at the end of last year to cancel the free version, a lot of people think this is a bad news for small and medium-sized businesses, but it is not. Free things usually have some flaws, but this is usually not realized. For ordinary users, some defect free products or services can be forgiven, but to do business businesses, these defects can not be underestimated.


in addition, the payment model for the entire ecological environment in this area will bring good changes, giving birth to more possibilities.

below are some of the defects of free products:

1, the so-called free is usually not really free

usually if we don’t need for a product or a service to pay, then we can easily put this product or the service positioning in the "free", but usually do not pay the consequences is to pay a price for something else. For online services, the price is usually the contents of the user’s personal information and production — Taking Facebook and Instagram as an example, to see if they belong to the user in the content or the issue hit the edge ball they knew. For this problem, ordinary users may not be particularly concerned about, but for businesses, their own information to others is unacceptable.

2, free service does not serve you

free service can not be a quality service. If you have ever tasted "free service", you should know the meaning of this sentence, you need it missing, don’t need when it will politely push message — if you put your own business on these free services, well, can put up the shutters.

3, free service does not last

The quality of the

free service has been questioned, and the persistence of a question mark. The market is always in need of change, service is not always the same, who will always free to provide you with? Understand this point, you can accept Google Apps for Business changes from free to fee, and it is more secure for businesses.

why small and medium businesses worth charging: difficulty coefficient

there are 30 million small businesses in the United States, which sounds like a large number, but less than the U.S. population of 1/10. If you want to put ads on businesses, the hit rate of less than 1/10.

and business customers are different, it is difficult to find small businesses. With the development of e-commerce, many businesses do not even have a store, it is difficult to find them

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