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To change the site optimization idea we should consider from the details

third, you must understand your dish where " ". We know that we must know where fishing fish, similarly to do in-depth research to match up users dig according to user needs, understand the user’s search behavior, potential user activities and user consumer psychology, this is some kind of transposition thinking, as a webmaster is more you should analyze your users there. The user is the cornerstone of the survival and development of our website, we can through some classified information platform, some industry portal site to release to attract users attention we ultimately guide the user through the attention of enterprises.

second, must understand the purpose and significance of the existence of search engine. The search engine change change is the only constant to your users continue to provide valuable information. But a lot of Shanghai dragon Er often reversed, they in order to please add a lot at the search engine to search engine optimization, these details are often counterproductive, which is the key to why Shanghai dragon seems very simple but in fact many people are often unable to grasp the core.

we know that some of their website optimization optimization thinking and optimization ideas affect the result of our website optimization and effect, so, as a webmaster we have to encounter problems in the optimization process carefully, we optimize the current thinking and idea is to change into, then, should from those details? The core of the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon in the love of Shanghai official optimization guidelines, but I found some Shanghai dragon Er is still in death, all worry about personal gains and losses asked, Shanghai dragon where the label how to optimize, where how to layout the anchor text keywords, how to do, what to do outside the chain, some people even ask me how to make the rankings do love Shanghai home within a week, faced with such a problem I Speechless.

finally, the author.

first, how to change the optimization of our thinking? We know whether a site can win the love of Shanghai’s new value is actually more, you can continue to improve to meet the value of user information, the website is not necessary to provide gorgeous coat, but must have a more profound connotation, " " consciousness is provide valuable content for the site, if the site can not provide the value of information users, your ranking is crumbling.

fourth, continuous analysis of key words and user search you to optimize the. Keywords and user search behavior is a causal link exists, whether the optimization of what words, how can we grasp the consumer demand and the relation between search engine search traffic, this time must be carefully considered, because the only way to satisfy the user’s search needs. So we can use the keyword analysis is related to love Shanghai index, search analysis of user search behavior of a Shanghai dragon er must be very important, according to different user needs to construct web site keywords.

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