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Why love Shanghai to promote Shanghai Longfeng suggestions

3, love Shanghai why

The statistical tool

love Shanghai recently launched Shanghai dragon, making the so-called site quickly fell in love with the sea to improve the amount collected and ranking the slogan, so Shanghai has always regarded ER as the enemy of love dragon Shanghai why become so friendly? The launch of the Shanghai dragon suggested intention really is to let the workers quickly improve the ranking of Shanghai dragon? It is impossible, Shanghai dragon Er is love Shanghai and the different interests of a group of people, most of the revenue comes from love love Shanghai Shanghai auction, Shanghai Longfeng employees do is natural ranking free, love the sea to help these people to do rankings, that is not his own petard then? Love Shanghai why Shanghai Longfeng suggestions? Let’s have a reason.

sent undercover? statistics?

2, love Shanghai love Shanghai why push

1, in order to love Shanghai statistical tool

developed a statistical software to spend a lot of manpower, for ordinary users nothing useful, useful object is nothing more than the PPC enterprises and the majority of our webmaster, then fell in love with the sea are so kind, great effort to please us? In fact, the so-called love is in love with Shanghai statistics Shanghai to your website background "top secret". From the outside is clearly unable to accurately determine how a website in the end, only to know deeply the enemy of love, Shanghai is an undercover.

could promote their products is obviously very difficult, many products also love Shanghai crashed to illustrate the point, thus to promote the need to have some means of coercion to love Shanghai. The so-called threat let webmaster included data chaos, and then let you install the statistics, this is a trick. The carrot is played quickly upgrade the rankings and included the slogan, to convince you to the expert’s tone, launched its own Shanghai Longfeng proposal, the two recruit is quite toxic.

4, how to successfully promote Shanghai statistical

love Shanghai recently desperate to promote their own, before a large number of site data error, now site and there was a large bulb prompts you to install this tool, and to obtain the Shanghai dragon suggested the first step is to install the love Shanghai statistical tools, obviously love Shanghai cannot wait to promote their products.

because I love Shanghai bad too much, recently was frequently violated, before the very fire rain Shanghai dragon, and Sohu such as micro-blog has a huge loophole love Shanghai own algorithm, these vulnerabilities have touched the core algorithm of love Shanghai, love Shanghai itself there is no way to solve, in addition to the killer mace artificial intervention. So like the Shanghai Phoenix, micro-blog Sohu these popular things have a way of knowing, so some unknown words how to intervene? The best way is to send a spy to your back, this is the recent spy love Shanghai love Shanghai statistics defying promotion.


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