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Website optimization work for enterprise have a coup

1, flat

is now more and more traditional enterprises to enter the Internet marketing model, network marketing model a variety of website marketing is the most commonly used mode of enterprise marketing. Keywords enterprise website ranking of a website conversion process, and so on, website optimization is especially important for the enterprise website, many companies seem to want to optimize site occupation that the site has a good ranking of keywords. There is not ranked It is without rhyme or reason. a series of optimization, we need to work to improve his ranking. Then the enterprise website optimization key work is very important, the enterprise website optimization work you have what way?

website optimization, web page layout structure is the key. Don’t stay in the website optimization in the release of the chain, the update, web page layout is an important optimization work. To the search engine, website structure according to their preferences: the tree is a flat structure. The construction of lottery web site, my requirement is not the home page click three times can reach any one page of the website, any page can quickly return to the desired page. If you have this section, the content of other part before the show, set on the next article, the article, according to the keywords set of relevant articles, if the content of the article more pages that need to keep each page of the page title, the content are not the same, to avoid duplicate content issues.


Optimization of page layout

site navigation optimization is the most neglected an optimization of the details, do lottery web site optimization, I also ignore the optimization work site navigation. In fact, the site navigation optimization ranking optimization is crucial to love Shanghai keywords, text navigation is beneficial to improve the keywords ranking, do not use pictures and flash, if you want to use pictures Please add the ALT attribute. Flash is to avoid as far as possible, Flash effect is very good, but the loading.

3, web site navigation

website optimization work must not be anxious, everything has a process, this process is the webmaster tangled, for webmasters to effect as soon as possible. Do the lottery website optimization work has for several years, can not say much, but the site keywords ranking effect is very good, bring some benefits to the enterprise. Here I share some of the enterprise website optimization and we work out:


image is an important part of a website, but to the search engine, the picture is not conducive to the capture of the. We have to do the work, let the two physical contradictions coexist. Optimization of production experience 贵族宝贝e00001贵族宝贝 site from the lottery website, the optimization method is good pictures and text connection plus related attributes, and add to the picture ALT attribute. To search engine, the alt attribute is read, and the alt attribute of the picture can also help users to browse.

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