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A miserable Shanghai dragon er

then I watched the love station.

but the so many travel related words for a Indoorsman is really do not know from where to find. Ask the boss, the boss says you do this, you have to ask me? Ask colleagues, colleagues say I don’t know. Ask friends, friends say that we are not professional……


often use Chinaz query tools. So I went to look at the first chinaz.

by the above chart we can see that the Chinaz keyword mining can display keywords expand, expand the love of Shanghai index word, and the word is now website in the first shot.


Er Shanghai dragon often faced a lot of key words do not know where to start a

love station network keywords >

Er of the Shanghai Longfeng a miserable IT workers have

? have? ?

Er Shanghai Longfeng fear encountered by smatter command head butt boss

I am a man of four management station, called network manager, the boss said the network Department recruit 4 people, that is to say implication I have 3 colleagues, but since I joined the company to half a year now, have not seen what recruit people, the boss also worry, I can be more anxious, 1 people the top 4 individual posts, from the planning to the website content update, from internal optimization to the construction of the chain, home feeling head is paste work every day.


short, except for a few key words, is really at a loss what to do. Rely on the core word nature is no good, but how can I do? Like a circle can not be effective way to put the question to love Shanghai. Love Shanghai "keyword mining tools".

in the front row are Chinaz keyword mining, mining keywords Bole network.


we are doing the tourism industry, as we all know, the tourism industry is seasonal particularly strong, and the boss asked us each season optimization words must be followed by tourism projects go. In other words, every quarter words are not the same. As everyone knows, Shanghai dragon is the most taboo words and is substituted, large quantities of words, which worth mentioning, because there are 4 stations, I had the station content segmentation, also means different seasons I began to push the different stations, so to avoid the space change the word.


if the above problems you have encountered, then congratulations, you and me, in this very glamorous stranger watching everyone don’t understand our bitter cup – Shanghai dragon occupation.

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