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Example to talk about website optimization strategies

you say okay? I said yes, but not bad, although these are not DIY for the title, but these things have a purpose in common with DIY, there is a common attribute, so that these people may be your customer, although they are not looking for DIY cake, but they may is your potential customers, you write these articles, can touch him to learn DIY. "

website, he has a classification called learning to make cakes with me, this is a tutorial tool of the article, the long tail can bring some DIY users reading hobby cake. In my opinion, this kind of article is able to set the line, online DIY can subtly promote the online platform, might one day someone at DIY to buy a tutorial think it is more convenient to buy.

For example, the

said above is the conventional mode, clutching the keywords to do, but there are still a little neglected by many people, it is that you can use the word thinking changes, to grasp the common attributes of people. Or take the above website for example:

"DIY, attitude to life, to be happy, emotional ties, Party activities, decompression…

of his property? DIY is a kind of life attitude, what is his role? Friendship, affection, love by DIY, or pass the boring time. Remember, people always have to do one thing, to have good and bad, but must have a purpose. Put these labels, that is:

2, working pressure to relax


tag is too much, not to enumerate, these are the labels, so I do not write like this:

November 28th, the sugar showed me a website, this website. I do not say, you can try to guess, but I definitely know which name is the direction of a friendly degree this also can be as we test station, if you let me go to a station, finally I don’t remember the brand word, that station is not. Well, said the site is a brand, is said to be the first in the line of cake club, club brand experience, linkage online e-commerce platform of city distribution sales, the club can DIY cake, by everyone’s love.

here do not introduce the soft, let everyone know this first station is what to do, and then we said in the content:

generally, the content of a web site should be closely linked to the theme, especially the enterprise type, the content itself is not many, are holding the keywords firmly, to update the content.

What is the

4 Party, what activities more interesting

3, how to be a happy small goods

5, in addition to K what fun

1, with his girlfriend trouble to coax her

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