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Accelerate the love of Shanghai included in the page the need to pay attention to the subject


Third words:

is an article with real value greatly depends on the number of words, words cannot express the meaning, is not what this article has practical value. As one of the words is an important mark to accelerate the love of Shanghai included, we will find.

this article not only can accord with the theme of the site, but also can greatly enhance the PV value of the site, so that with focus on the theme is the premise of the first fast included.

page in the article is not at random, if you want to love Shanghai fast included your article, you must request the theme fits your website theme. For example, your web site as a hospital registration agency, you do not write and register the relevant news articles, but they wrote a lot of health articles, as follows:

this article even your original can’t enhance the site’s weight and love Shanghai because these articles have included speed, and type of site beside the point, we should make an appointment and to find some related articles to editors:

: the first themeThe


to Shanghai dragon Er should know, want to website ranking, included is a prerequisite, not included no ranking, flow completely. But the inside pages included Shanghai dragon is often one of the biggest problem, I have a bunch of sites are only included the home page or pages within the page, so to solve the problem within the pages included is a imperative.


ER and Shanghai Longfeng many owners believe that, as long as the original article, and can fit the theme of the site will soon let love Shanghai included, but is often not so. Love is an important standard for typesetting articles included in Shanghai. A lot of people to the layout layout details of the optimization but not to regard it as right, but can effectively speed up the love of Shanghai included. The details of the optimization layout includes: punctuation, paragraph division, unified the gap between the text and so on, do these details, you will find the same article can appear different included effect. Therefore, here I suggest you Shanghai dragon ER and webmaster, to plan well in advance at the time of writing the article typesetting details, the page is paging, the segment is segmented, the favorite to win customers with the best layout and love Shanghai included.


page most of the content in the article mainly, a few products to product pictures, we will explore the problems included and now is on the inside page. A lot of people will be able to speed up the original emphasis on love Shanghai included, but I do not optimistic about this argument, if you really want to accelerate the love of Shanghai included in the page, or should focus on these four aspects can: theme, typesetting, and novel words.

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