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A new love in Shanghai from 0 to 1 weight 4 invaluable advice

through the love of Shanghai related search found that the user pays close attention to the wedding planning website, then the column page need to have the relevant contents of the plan.

We all know that ?

love Shanghai from 0 to 1 weight, behind the seemingly simple numbers, but there are still many webmaster despair, if a site or just on the line near the railway station, optimization and increase the difficulty in some invisible.

spent the wedding is expensive, so many people to the wedding company service quotation is in need, so whether the website to reflect the wedding service offer

came to the site users do not understand the strength of enterprises, if there is a good case to show the success of the user, the user believe to understand the strength of enterprises of great help, or even directly transformed. According to the characteristics of the wedding industry, video to be displayed to the user, oh, that is quite good.

1, title and description is the key of

such as the wedding industry, we can love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search methods, to understand the current user demand is what.

2, the analysis of user demand pain points

wants to get married for the wedding of the user, some of which include wedding service interest, such as photography, makeup, MC and so on. Then the section of the web site needs to include wedding services.

every industry user demand point is certainly not the same, why is your website optimization for a long time does not rank growth, largely does not solve the user pain points, the search engine algorithm in the constantly changing and improving, but not deviate from the search engine to show the best results to the user, what kind of results is good? Sure it can meet the needs of the user site search keywords, know that this was true, at least the website column and we can fix the keyword layout.

title and description method is not only a web page need to pay attention to the web page content is the same, a lot of new sites online, just put the page title and description to write, column page, content page, page list, tag tab page title is not written, or the content of the page Title and web page the title, I believe many of my friends have encountered such a site.

actually, I love is a relatively new optimization, of course, the premise is built from the beginning of Shanghai Longfeng personnel began to participate in, the advantage of this is that later can avoid the site changes, regardless of the site structure or keywords layout, line on the website after website does not need to make a big adjustment, the direct expansion of Shanghai dragon, there is help for the website optimization. So, here to remind the novice webmaster, if have launched a new station plan, may wish to find a professional Shanghai Longfeng staff chat, can play a multiplier effect.

then new love Shanghai from 0 to 1 weight optimization of the road, should pay attention to what things?

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