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The construction of the chain work batted the

1, outside the chain of channel


chain has a limit, everything left line. One problem: love Shanghai products more good, for example.

chain, the chain, decided to be half of the country network optimization field. What how to send the chain, outside the chain of high quality resources, build the chain of ideas, everyone will be asked. Do not say anything else, just look at the vast sea of Shanghai dragon industry chain and company staff, Shanghai dragon day layout of the chain, can see the prosperity of this industry. Even now, love Shanghai repeatedly against the chain of garbage and friends of the chain, who dare say optimization and the chain himself never mind. Some people say, Shanghai dragon is to write articles and send the chain, isn’t it? The chain is need to take care of, we are not machines.

can send the chain of many channels, such as blog (blog, micro-blog light), Post Bar, forums, video, classified information, B2B website, know the question and answer, Encyclopedia (term), space (share), favorites, catalogue, text, news source, everything. The chain is pure text, hyperlinks, anchor links and links to pictures. In fact, most of us can do is pure text, can do the anchor either JS, or transfer, plus the nofllow label, of course, like blogs, directories, forums or band anchor link.

link the way you need, not just copy and paste? If you do so, will always be spam links. There is no thought, the same blog, in their hand is outside the chain of high quality, but not included in your hands. Not much to say, two suggestions: the first is to send the chain content is best original, not original if you copy others, not under the hand copy industry website; the second is the title or website should pay attention to, and you don’t own articles or Website Title repeat.

these days, most of the fire is confused love between Shanghai and the 360 companies, and up to 100 million yuan of the claim, and its hao123 and hao360 "ads". For most of the webmaster, watching the dog eat dog show, still look forward to the field of search engine more benign competition. However, these little and our working relationship and attention, before they have to do their work. Here is the construction of the chain work batted, some personal ideas to attract.


3, the chain has a degree of

how do you say, your site article, collecting itself is modified, this website itself is everywhere. You can put it online everywhere, only a little originality are not, to the end of your own website content is collecting garbage station; secondly, the article title, title or website, you can not find people back home. Suggestions can be named, such as B2B website, can be "certain keywords 1a_ keywords 2- company in space".

2, outside the chain mode

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