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The domain name does not determine the success or failure of a station

domain name is land, real estate website, the domain name decides success or failure! This sentence has some truth, but it is undeniable that this sentence is wrong. Like the QQ class name is selling expensive. Do not know why some people are so little money to buy such expensive money unless you are very wealthy. I’d rather have some people to update or to please people go to other station AD, with the money to buy the domain name here, I feel more useful at some. Like I remember others, too long gone, the name forgot, but that person I will remember his appearance. The site is the same, the domain name is the name of a site, like sina. It is estimated that some people can not remember the domain name, but read it in Sina articles, the general will remember that there is such a site. Sometimes I think the domain name is a person you can understand its true meaning, please do not believe some of the domain name business casual judgment. Some domain name provider to judge some domain names. Just feel AABB. ABAB. COM this domain name is a good domain name. Other ABCDC domain names such as junk domain name, here are a few so-called ABDC spam domain name.

1 Sina SINA. four miscellaneous to. With the surname Kim said, not worth a penny. The most typical example. (editor’s note: Kim, a domain name is the laggards BBS. Special One’s reputation was a byword. comment on other people’s domain name is good or not. I’m behind ID:hkt145).

2 Google, what is the meaning of ah. Now I only know is called Google, this is six miscellaneous ah. Said Kim. A garbage domain. There are many examples, will not give up. But the good domain name is still a little bit of good people remember. But you let others. Don’t let them remember your name, but let you stand deeply the heart of the internet. Please take your time and energy use in the domain of flowers in advertising on the website or update the content and flow is king.

AD:www.hou365.cn my station day IP has not been more than 30, I hope a lot of support ah.

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