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Reflection on love Shanghai to build the nternet ecosystem project

personal feeling sometimes love some of Shanghai’s strategy is to adjust the public relations, including the algorithm. These we must consider that the love from Shanghai to reflect their own interests under. I understand that the Internet Ecosystem of this project in the sea have launched, including links against cheating, keyword tools, support original content, support Shanghai phoenix. The key content is to combat link phenomenon and support the quality of the original content. As a Shanghai dragon, see "support Shanghai dragon" this one is a little excited, but love Shanghai are not a good impression in many webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng people’s psychology, each K station will have a lot of people out of abusive love Shanghai. If love Shanghai can really solve the identification of original content, and reasonable given the original content ranking. It is really a breakthrough technology love Shanghai, and now is still the same, not included in the original content of their own blog, but others reprint your article was included. The Internet Ecosystem of this project is easy to say, start >

Hello, I’m Liang Lei, just to see the "to build the Internet ecosystem" project in Shanghai Webmaster Platform, many large websites have joined the Internet Ecosystem, love Shanghai launched the Internet ecosystem is what? The look of the Internet Ecosystem: Internet Ecosystem circle environment healthy development, specification – Internet industry website operation standard, the principle of practitioners and regulate the operation site, follow the method meet the user experience rules. So we can guess what is the purpose of this love Shanghai.

Shanghai dragon industry or the webmaster has been not an industry standard, love Shanghai launched to build the Internet ecosystem is actually to show an attitude, the Internet industry website needs to have a standard of operation, not only refers to the industry website, Shanghai dragon industry also needs an industry standard, but also need to have the webmaster a standard. But the standard is not to talk about on the line, there are millions of individual stationmaster on the Internet, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners is beyond count, so many people want to take the initiative to comply with industry standards are not practical, so how to do? Only through hard targets, that is the continuous improvement of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon industry and compression algorithm. The webmaster, of course also not love Shanghai blindly to suppress the personal webmaster and Shanghai dragon industry, we should also reflect on yourself, really made a lot of Internet spam.



can be seen in Shanghai love seems to have to improve the environment of the Internet. May be a signal to the individual webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng practitioners: that is the love of Shanghai is determined to rectify the Internet, but I still have some concerns about this project, love Shanghai launched much actual effect, some large industry, brand site to join in, but there are countless the station, which has much significance to the

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