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Shanghai dragon enterprise website how to choose the core keywords

The effect of

Keywords This is the

keyword or long title, "this will not fully display the title" no title or keyword reality is meaningless in the search results, the title is a good place, but if the title is too long will "long useless regret effect. But if the keywords or title is too short is not very ideal, as shown below:

for enterprises to establish their own web site already belongs to the past, now companies are basically all have their own websites, enterprises who want more should be how to promote the enterprise website? How to solve this problem, Xi’an Shanghai dragon blog webmaster from enterprise website keyword selection to talk about their experiences. The choice of keywords pay attention to the following points:



basically enterprises in the choice of the site keywords, should pay attention to the above matters, the choice of keywords is the primary task of the website of Shanghai dragon, if you just start going in the wrong direction, then even behind how hard will the effect is not ideal. Xi’an Shanghai Longfeng blog webmaster some.

fourth, the number of keywords should be maintained at 30 Chinese. Keywords because if too long it will appear as shown below:

first, the keyword of the website should fully reflect the enterprise core product or service core. Because only and words related to business products and services, will be on the site to bring a higher degree of correlation. When browsing through search keywords into the enterprise business website, will feel the keywords and enterprises related products when the degree is high, the viewer in the subconscious will recognize the full confidence of the website, the website; if companies choose keywords and enterprise product or service irrelevant words, visitors will be leave quickly, but does not recognize the site in the heart, detrimental to the corporate image.

third, the wording of several problems should be paid attention to. Key words don’t appear repeatedly in the title of the site, can not stack keywords

that is not ideal, the title of the website is a land where, if this is too short will waste lots of gold, this is a "little waste". So when the combination of keywords and title, length must be moderate, should make full use of this area will be the site title.

second, enterprises must have certain heat, is the love of Shanghai index. If a key business choice, not love Shanghai index or the word in a long period of time will not have the love of Shanghai index, basically this keyword is not bring any views, even spent a tremendous effort to this keyword to the search engine ranking the first place in vain. So enterprises in the choice of keywords, should pay attention to the choice of keywords is love Shanghai index.


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