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The case analysis with sea included to reduce the amount of causes and Countermeasures


at the same time the internal factors also found a problem, there is such a mechanism in the algorithm: Shanghai love hate repeat! For users to repeat insipid content, search engine is the same, although not the human brain than the judgment, but it can be through the use of the machine repeatedly on your website, find duplicate content pages once. Found, or in the capacity of your website repeatedly triggered love Shanghai set "tolerate" limit, it will be the machine not hesitate to refuse or cancel included. The author in this website also found duplicate content, not only human but because the background error in static page before, made a lot of topics, make love Shanghai canceled included, reduce the amount collected by. After the repair program, finally smoothly done or easily solved the problem.

After the

I will combine the "Cloud Calculation" website (Chinese brand underwear 贵族宝贝neiyi68贵族宝贝) to explain, in the analysis of the website, the author found that there are many external links to the site, there are still a lot of Links, search engine links assessment characteristics: emphasis on Like attracts like. "station." a group of points. With the more popular words, love Shanghai friends of the chain is similar to the evaluation of the evaluation to the people, do not have such a word, understand a person’s character look at his friends will know. The author found some problems in the investigation of Chinese brand underwear www.neiyi68贵族宝贝 Links, links to the web site to be punished, included ranking back sharply, at this time can not talk about the "friendship", immediately draw knife cut "love", in order to avoid being punished by other websites even with the risk of


I recently got a website was "Cloud Calculation", the most prominent feature is included in the amount of stock plunge as much as, after the detail analysis, take some measures, finally stabilized, the amount collected is recovering. At the same time, this is the case with all the love of Shanghai included reducing the reason and solving method.

railway station, from construction to operation, an important indicator of the webmaster to site assessment is included in the amount of the website in the search engine; the search engine is mainly refer to a single large love Shanghai, and even can be said that the love of Shanghai website included the amount of change determines the webmaster daily mood. If the amount collected up to one hundred times more confidence will profit in sight, but the love of Shanghai included a reduction in your heart to knit up a huge cloud of gloom! This is not a "cloud computing", is "cloud" calculate.

in a web site operation, more or less will have included reducing phenomenon, the reason it has two kinds: the external environment and internal factors. Love Shanghai machine when evaluating your website is mainly based on the two aspects to choose, choose what? Each page of your site choice, decision included or not included, or cancellation has been included. Find out the reason after countermeasures to natural truth.

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