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Keywords early April the slow need to start early into the forest

source: Shenyang 196 regiment, 贵族宝贝196tuan贵族宝贝/index.php act=news& gid=138, A5 first?.

(3) description (description), is a spider crawl grab the title and a description on the search rankings. Description add keywords is essential, note: adhere to the principle of description in the top 60 on the left, a word keyword, do not stack.

1, perceptionAs early as

has identified key words, keywords should be added to the

2, design and optimization of

articleThis paper selects

(1) title title, each page has its own title, the same can not avoid. The title should not only attract people, more important is to put the key words. Key words: to put on the best, because the grab is from left to right. Don’t pay attention to key words accumulation.

(2) if the picture appears in the article, then add keywords in the alt, to correctly describe the pictures to add keywords.

in what place?

said, the slow need to start early. Poor people are afraid of metaphor behind things than others first. So is Shanghai dragon er. Each person is different, today I only Benniao, ahead of time to fly. Keywords: from April Fool’s Day festival with keywords is very difficult start, we can choose other auxiliary Keywords: like April Fool SMS, April Fool’s day, fool. The love of Shanghai index analysis of the 3 words:

From the

diagram, from 28 to 30 days, keywords April Fool SMS increased more than the other two, we can determine the keywords April Fool SMS user search trends.


(4) add keywords and links to

of at least 300 words above paragraphs, neatly, makes the user feel very clear and distinct. Keyword density is the best 3%, adhere to the principle of no accumulation, on the left, when there is a reasonable keyword plus links, search engine will give you extra points. The weight of this article has improved, keyword optimization, search engine will focus on this page.

concluded that the above is my analysis method, although I was a bird, as long as I perceived in advance, will progress! Happy fool’s Day!


today is a special day, April Fool’s day. The best time is also a Shanghai dragon Er get traffic. Look at the key words fool method, every webmaster want to get more traffic from the keywords, then we should do the work of

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